Family Medicine Faculty and Nurse Practitioners

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Family Medicine Faculty and Nurse Practitioners

Primary Care Center Faculty and
Nurse Practitioners


Norm Oliver
M. Norman Oliver, MD, MA

Walter M. Seward Professor

Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Director, UVA Center on Health Disparities


Professional photo of Claudia Allen taken 9/2012

Claudia W. Allen, PhD, JD

Associate Professor

Director of Behavioral Medicine for Family Medicine

Dawn Bourne 2013

Dawn W. Bourne, MSN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Professional photo of Becky Compton taken 9/2012

Becky Compton, MSN, DNP

Nurse Practitioner

Associate Medical Director of Primary Care Center Clinic

Professional photo of Ursulla Courtney taken 9/2012

A. Ursulla Courtney, MD

Associate Professor

Sharon Diamond Myrsten 2015

Sharon Diamond-Myrsten, MD

Assistant Professor

Medical Director of Primary Care Center Clinic

Professional photo of Carolyn Friedman taken 9/2012

Carolyn G. Friedman, MSN

Nurse Practitioner

Professional photo of John Gazewood taken 9/2012

John D. Gazewood, MD, MSPH

Associate Professor

Family Medicine Residency Program Director


Professional photo of Fern Hauck taken 9/2012

Fern R. Hauck, MD, MS

Spencer P. Bass, MD Twenty-First Century Professor

Director of International Family Medicine Clinic

Elena Herndon 2014

Elena F. Herndon, MD

Assistant Professor

Jeremy Kent 2013

Jeremy B. Kent, MD

Assistant Professor

Latrina Lemon 2014

Latrina C. Lemon, MD

Assistant Professor

Inpatient Medical Director

Professional photo of Karen Maughan taken 9/2012

Karen L. Maughan, MD

Associate Professor

Assistant Family Medicine Residency Director

Professional photo of Sue Pollart taken 9/2012

Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS

Ruth E. Murdaugh Professor

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development

Professional photo of Sean Reed taken 9/2012

Sean W. Reed, MD

Assistant Professor

Director of Family Medicine Predoctoral Education

Melissa Rodgers 2012

Melissa J. Rodgers, MD

Assistant Professor

Professional photo of Ted Siedlecki taken 9/2012

Ted Siedlecki, Jr., PhD, GCP

Assistant Professor

Siobhan Statuta alternate

Siobhan M. Statuta, MD, CAQ Sports Medicine

Assistant Professor

Director of Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

Lalitha Swaminathan 2012

Lalitha Swaminathan, MBBS

Assistant Professor

Professional photo of Reagan Thompson taken 9/2012

Reagan Thompson,DNP, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner


Crossroads Family Medicine

Katie Barry 2012

Kathleen Barry, MD

Assistant Professor

Kate DeGeorge 2014

Katharine C. DeGeorge, MD, MS

Assistant Professor

Peter Ham 2013

Peter S. Ham, MD, MS

Associate Professor

Family Medicine Clerkship Director

Andy Lockman 2013

Andrew R. Lockman, MD

Associate Professor

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

Medical Director of Crossroads Family Practice

Dave Slawson

David C. Slawson, MD

B. Lewis Barnett, Jr. Professor

Director of Information Sciences, UVA Health System

Director of Center for Information Mastery

Director of Faculty Development Fellowship


Stoney Creek Family Medicine


Melissa Fullerton


Melissa J. Fullerton, MD

Assistant Professor

Associate Family Medicine Residency Program Director


Steve Heim 2013


Steven W. Heim, MD, MSPH

Associate Professor

Director of Obstetrical Services

Physician Leader of Stoney Creek Family Practice

Dan McCarter 2013
Daniel F. McCarter, MD

Associate Professor
Maura McLaughlin
Maura R. McLaughlin, MD

Assistant Professor


UVA Family Medicine and

Specialty Care Crozet


Catherine Casey
Catherine F. Casey, MD

Assistant Professor

Family Medicine Clerkship Co-Director
Tim McLaughlin
Timothy E. McLaughlin, MD

Assistant Professor

Physician Leader of UVA Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Specialty Clinics of Crozet

Non-Clinical Faculty

Lisa Rollins Lisa K. Rollins, PhD

Associate Professor

Director of Scholarship
Chuck Perry 2013
Charles J. Perry, Jr. MBA

Department Administrator