Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Kathleen M. Acevedo, MBA

Department Administrator

Bobby D. Shelton, CPA

Assistant Administrator for Finance

Daniel A. Griffith

Mark Wells, CRA

Operations Manager

Grants Administrator

Penny L. Carlisle

Senior Administrative Assistant

Dusty L. Mitchell

Judy Blooms

Intermediate Administrative Assistant

Senior Fiscal Technician

Education Staff

Kiera Sibbald

Aileen Watchko


Residency Education Coordinator

Residency Education Coordinator

3rd Year Clerkship Coordinator

Medical Toxicology Staff

Heather Collier Intermediate Administrative Assistant

Emergency Medicine Research Office Staff

Lea H. Becker, MT, CCRC

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Bryna Shemo, BS

Intermediate Clinical Research Coordinator

Nicole Paranich, MS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Kristina Key, BA, EMT P

Clinical Research Coordinator
Wayne Dell, BA Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

Coding and Billing Staff

Coding Team


Michelle L. Moran, CPC

Coding and Billing Analyst

Imelda L. Morris, CPC

Intermediate Coding and Billing Specialist

Nannie M. Tyree, CPC

Senior Coding and Billing Specialist 


Charge Entry Team

Kimberly Burton

Charge Entry Supervisor

Stephanie Eley

Coding and Billing Specialist, Entry

Alexander Schwartz

Coding and Billing Specialist, Entry


Administrative Office PH: 434-924-8485; FAX: 434-924-2877 or 434-243-2924

Residency Program   PH: 434-982-1800; FAX: 434-982-4118