Current Research

Current Research

BW Spider


Research interests span across a wide range of epidemiological applications in the fields of infectious diseases, clinical epidemiology, and pharmacoepidemiology. Specific topics include healthcare database design and validation, design of epidemiological studies for analyzing accidental and intentional abuse of prescription medications, routine surveillance and monitoring of pharmaceutical, illicit substances, and infectious diseases. 

2014 Research Activities


  • Serotonin agents and symptomatic hyponatremia in the elderly
  • Fomepizole/ethylene glycol and clearance on CRRT
  • Salicylates and death outcomes
  • ToxIC subregistry of dialysis in poisoning
  • Drug facilitated sexual assault
  • Opana and microangiopathic hemolytic anemia with biopsies
  • Review of lyme disease for the wilderness medicine provider
  • Exclusion of snake foreign body via ultrasound
  • Intentional exposures in schools
  • Transfer drug screen use in the ED
  • Law enforcement inquiries to the poison center
  • Substance abuse among UVA students
  • Use of fomepizole in poison center population
  • Review of e-cigarette exposures reported to the National Poison Data System
  • Intentional abuse of select opioids reported to the poison center
  • Surveillance of the Misuse, Abuse and Diversion of RADARS 8
  • The Efficacy & Safety of Aracmyn (Black Widow) in Patients with Systemic Latrodectism – Phase 2 & 3
  • Copperhead Snake Envenomation Study