Step by Step Process

Step by Step Process

1. Review site-specific information for your host country. 

Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your elective structure will look like. Check out the SLC elective in Guatemala. There are several locations other than Guatemala!

2. Contact Jill Clarke at the school of medicine and make sure you clearly understand your School of Medicine requirements for your overseas elective, including evaluation process, etc.

3 .  ISO On-line registration

You must register with the International Studies Office (ISO) at UVA prior to departure. Use link below and register as a graduate student. Contact your elective director if you have any issues.
ISO Snapshot


4. Contact UVA Student Health and set up your REQUIRED pre-departure appointment.  This is mandatory.  Please contact them online using link below and get this done a minimum of two months prior to departure.
5. Sign up for medical evacuation insurance. This is available from several sources.   

6. Arrange transportation logistics, in-country logistics and discuss thoroughly with your elective director. Flight itinerary emailed to elective director, please!
7. Arrange in-country logistics.
8. Complete essential Emergency Information Card. You should make several copies of this and distribute them among your luggage in case of theft. Also, you are required to carry a copy with you at all times while in country.  Also save this on you internet account for emergency access.

Directions: The attached word document is a template of the ISO Security Card. Complete the required information. Next print out the card. The top box is the front of the card and the bottom is the back of the card. After completed and printed, have the card laminated. Keep the card with you at all times.  

9. Register with U.S. Embassy (somewhat specific to host country).

10. Site fee payment: If you are being assessed a site fee contact your elective director for details on payment.

11.  Make sure that emergency contact info is available to your elective director, Jill Clarke, and your family. Make sure UVA has two emergency contacts for you.

12. Complete the IRB proposal (if required).

13.  Review/confirm scholarship and funding sources.