Scribe Program

Scribe Program

Congratulations to the 2012 UVA EM Scribe Program Alumni!

2013 Scribe graduation
Back Row L-R: Jack Allan, Ramzi Shaykh, Shashank Sharma, Dr. Robert O’Connor (Chair)

Next Row L-R: Stephen Mein, Dr. Robert Reiser (Director, Scribe Program), Collin Conrad, Amy Whittaker, John “Lee” Spitzer, Ben Bloom, Yekyoo “Albin” Oh, Merritt Tuttle
Next Row L-R: Sam Drapac, Charlotte Campbell, Deirdre Regan, Scott Koenig, Shawna Foley
Front Row L-R: Meghan Breed (Scribe Admin), Taylor Huntington, Dorothy Ferguson, Lauren Peterson, Kristina Burger, Carolanne Kondos, Simone Miller (Co-Head Scribe)

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 The Department of Emergency Medicine started the Scribe Program in June of 2007.  Hired as hourly employees, pre-med students assist the ED physicians by documenting the entire medical record.  Students are extensively trained in both the classroom and the ED in order to document the history, physical exam, assessments, procedure notes, etc.  In addition, scribes track laboratory and radiology results and ensure the completion and signature of charts.

The program provides the opportunity for students to gain significant clinical knowledge and experience while contributing to the patient care in the ED.  Through close interaction with the ED physicians, scribes gain great exposure to patient care and emergency medicine.  We periodically hire students and encourage those interested people to apply.

Currently, we are interested in first and second year students looking to devote 2 to 3 years to this program. We look for students with strong academic records and a willingness to commit a minimum of one continuous year to this part-time job (at least 12 hours/week throughout the school-yea and the summer).  The time commitment is flexible around academic schedules.  We do have full-time opportunities for graduating fourth-years and gap year students. The Scribe Program application and a current unofficial transcript should be submitted through CAVlink.


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