Mark Sochor, MD

Mark Sochor, MD

msochorMark  R.  Sochor,
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Research Director, Emergency Medicine Research Office              
Department of Emergency Medicine

P. O. Box 800699
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908
Phone: (434) 982-4203
Fax: (434) 243-2924


  • B.S., Michigan State University; East Lansing, Michigan (1990)
  • M.S., Wayne State University; Detroit, Michigan  (1993)
  • M.D., Wayne State University School of Medicine; Detroit, Michigan  (1999)
  • Resident Emergency Medicine, Detroit Receiving Hospital and University Health Center   (2002)
  • Injury Research Fellow, University of Michigan CIREN Center   (2004) 

Clinical and Research Interests

  • Resident Education 
  • Elderly Trauma and Falls
  • Abdominal Computed Tomography
  • Forensic Evidence Gathering
  • Trauma

Personal Interests

  • Running, Skiing

Most Recent Publications

  • Ad Hoc reviewer Obesity: Manuscript ID 11-0724-Orig.R2, entitled "Effects of BMI on the Risk and Frequency of Serious Injuries in Motor-Vehicle Crashes." August 23, 2012.
  • Richard W Kent , Mr Francisco J Lopez-Valdes , Mr John Lamp , Ms Sabrina Lau , Mr Daniel Parent , Jason Kerrigan , Mr David J Lessley , Robert S. Salzar , Dr Mark R Sochor , Dr Cameron Randale Bass , Dr Matthew Rudolph Maltese: Journal: GCPI: Traffic Injury Prevention Manuscript ID: 667887 Manuscript Title: Biomechanical response targets for physical and computational models of the pediatric trunk [publish December 19, 2012]
  • Untaroiu, C.D., Bose, D., Lu, Y-C, Riley P., Lessley D., Sochor M. (2012) Effect of seat belt pretensioners on human abdomen and thorax: biomechanical response and risk of injuries, Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 72(5):1304-1315; May 2012, IF = 3.129
  • R. S. Salzar, W. B. Lievers, R. E. Frimenko, J. B. Seamon, T. C. Keller, D. L. Subit, T. H. Gochenour, M.Sochor & J. R. Crandall: Fracture tolerance of the patellofemoral joint in frontal knee impacts of 75 and 35 year-old males, International Journal of Crashworthiness, 16:4, 397-409; 2011. IF=0.789
  • Bailey KC, Sochor MR, Wintermark M, Huff JS; “Spontaneous Cervical Epidural Hematoma Mimicking Stroke.”; Journal of Neuroradiology; 39 (2): 132-134; MAY 2012, Corrected Proof; Online 8, June 2011 [Epub ahead of print]. IF=1.213
  • Schneider, Lawrence W. , Rupp, Jonathan D. , Scarboro, Mark , Pintar, Frank , Arbogast, Kristy B., Rudd, Rodney W. , Sochor, Mark R., Stitzel, Joel , Sherwood, Chris , MacWilliams, Joel B. , Halloway, Dale , Ridella, Stephen and Eppinger, Rolf (2011) 'BioTab—A New Method for Analyzing and Documenting Injury Causation in Motor-Vehicle Crashes', Traffic Injury Prevention, 12: 3, 256-265; 2011. Cited 1 time. IF=1.079
  • Moak J. H.; Gong D. X.; Young J. S.; Sochor M.R., Guidelines for Cervical Spine Imaging in Patients With Blunt Trauma: Utilization and Outcomes; Annals of Emergency Medicine 58 (4); S272-S273; October 2011. IF=4.133
  • Lessley DJ, Shaw CG, Parent DP, Arregui-Dalmases C, Kindig MW, Riley PO, Purtsezov S, Sochor MR, Gochenour T, Bolton JR, Subit, D, Crandall JR,Takayama,S, Ono K, Kamiji K, Yasuki T. (2010) Whole-body response to pure lateral impact. Stapp Car Crash Journal, 53(1); 289-336. (No official impact factor assigned) Moore Riley, Williamson Kelly, Sochor, Mark; et al; Large Event Medicine-Event Characteristics Impacting Medical Need. American Journal of Emergency Medicine; 29(9): 1217-1221; November 2011. IF=1.976
  • Lessley, DJ, Shaw, CG, Parent, DP, Arregui-Dalmases, C, Kindig, MW, Riley, PO, Purtsezov, S, Sochor, MR, Gochenour, T, Bolton, JR, Subit, D, Crandall, JR, Takayama, S, Ono, K, Kamiji, K, Yasuki, T. (2010) Whole-body response to pure lateral impact. Stapp Car Crash Journal, 53, 289-336.
  • Moore R, Sochor, M, Brady, WJ: Large Event Medicine-Event Characteristics Impacting Medical Need. American Journal of Emergency Medicine; Ms. Ref. No.: AJEM527R1; accepted for publication July 2010. 
  • Cunningham, RM, Harrison, SR, McKay, MP, Mello, MJ, Sochor M, Shandro, JR, Walton, MA, D’Onofrio G: National Survey of Emergency Department Alcohol Screening and Intervention Practices; Ann Emerg Med, Vol. 55 Issue 6; June 2010, Pgs. 556-562.
  • Sochor, MR, Brady, WJ: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Notes; Ann Emerg Med, Vol. 55 Issue 6: June 2010, Pgs. 563-567.
  • Kent R, Salzar R, Kerrigan J, Parent D, Lessley D, Sochor M, Luck JF, Loyd A, Song Y, Nightingale R, Bass CR, Maltese MR:  Pediatric Thoracoabdominal Biomechanics; Stapp Car Crash Journal, Vol. 53; November 2009.
  • Reed, MP, Sochor, MM, Rupp, JD, Klinich, KD, Manary, MA, “Anthropometric specification of child crash dummy pelves through statistical analysis of skeletal geometry,” Journal of Biomechanics. 2009 May; Vol. 42 Issue 8, Pgs. 1143-45