Awards and Accomplishments

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Awards and Accomplishments

The best part of this program is the faculty, hands down. Here are just a few of their awards and accomplishments...

Award Recipients:


Dr. George Glass

Congratulations on being selected for the McDade Award from VACEP.

Dr. Mark R. Sochor

Dr. Mark R. Sochor receives award-small

Recipient of the AAAM's AJ Mirkin Service Award

Dr. William A. Woods

Recipient of the Master Educator Award

Dr. Pamela Ross

Congratulations to Dr. Ross for her service in Emergency Medicine! She was honored at The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga’s 125th anniversary and 50th anniversary of desegregation.


Dr. Debra Perina


2011 Ronald D. Stewart Award given by the National Association of EMS Physicians.

2011 Recipient of the American College of Emergency Physician’s (ACEP) Award for Outstanding Contribution in EMS

Dr. David Burt

2011 University of Virginia's Excellence in Education Abroad Award

Dr. Mark Sochor

AAAM Young Investigator Award

Dr. Scott Syverud

2010 UVA Health System Community Service Award

Dr. Kathryn Mutter

2011 Young Scientist Award

Dr. Stephanie Eucker

2011 Young Scientist Award

Dr. J. Stephen Huff

2009 Recipient of the American College of Emergency Physicians National Faculty Teaching Award



Dr. William Brady

Dr. Brady gives a lecture at the White House on cardiac arrest.

Dr. María Segui Gómez

Congratulations to Dr. Gómez for being nominated as Director General for Traffic in Spain.

Dr. Robert O'Connor

Elected to the Board of Directors of the American College of Emergency Physicians

Dr. Christopher 

Chosen to work on the  Anthrax Panel which is vitally important to our nation and our security.

Elected to Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Pamela Ross

Congratulations to Dr. Ross! She was featured in 
ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare.

She is one of the featured physicians.
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