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EM Resources for Medical Students

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Welcome to the resource page for medical students going into Emergency Medicine! Here you will find everything you need to prepare you for the field of Emergency Medicine. Check out this handout created by attending Glen Michael. 


Away Rotations

It is highly encouraged that you do an away rotation. Away rotations are important because they provide the opportunity for you learn in a different hospital setting which expands your view of emergency medicine.

When should I do an away rotation? Preferably, this should be done after you have done an EM rotation here at UVA. Ensure that after you do your rotation, you meet with Dr. Huff or another faculty member who can provide valuable feedback that you can use and apply to when going to your next rotation. UVA opens up it's away rotation slots in May. You can contact the program before then the express interest and find out the details of applying.

What program should you rotate at? Primarily, you should rotate at a program you are interested in matching at. An away rotation will allow you to check out the program first hand. Also, you will have the opportunity to make a good impression on the program. Therefore it is important that you work very hard on the away rotation. In addition to representing yourself, you are representing UVA's School of Medicine.

Recommended Books

This is a list of books that are used on several of the electives and that EM residents use.

Recommended for the Elective:

MS4 EM Elective - Markovchick -   Emergency Medicine Secrets
PEDS EM Elective - Fleisher -   Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Brady gives everyone who is taking the ECG Elective a free book.

EM books that the Residents Are Reading

Here is a list of free   E-Books.
 All of the e-books are free to UVA SOM students.
From the list, the recommended books are: 
Knopp - Atlas of Emergency Medicine
Roberts and Hedges - Clinical Procedures
Marx - Rosen's Emergency Medicine
Tintinalli - Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine

Goldfrank's Toxicological Emergencies
Simon -   Emergency Orthopedics

UVA EM on iTunes U


The Department of Emergency Medicine has our own iTunes U site where we store recorded lectures from our weekly conferences as well as guest lectures.  We currently have 40 videos available to the public, with more on our private site.  For login information for the private site, please email Travis Harris at tth7d@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu


DailyEM Blog

DailyEM is the hotspot for University of Virginia and University of Maryland EM education.  Come check out hot topics in Emergency Medicine and stay up to date with the latest in both research and clinical skills.


Reading List

Keep up with what our residents are currently studying and find articles related to current topics in Emergency Medicine.


Visiting Student Application

Applying from outside of UVA?  Find the application here!



For more information about UVA's Emergency Medicine Residency Program!  Tons of information about our curriculum, objectives, benefits, facilities,  current residents, and life in Charlottesville!


EMRA Student Resources




SAEM Student Resource Collection

The Emergency Medicine Residents' Association contains a ton of helpful information for medical students who are interested in pursuing a career in emergency medicine.  Their page includes medical student pearls and podcasts, skills demonstration videos, and recommended reading lists.

This is the medical student resource page created by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.

CDEM Student Portal

The Clerkship Directors of Emergency Medicine is associated with the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) and dedicated to the education of medical students in the field of Emergency Medicine.  Their student portal contains a variety of online self-study modules and approaches to situations or diseases commonly seen in the Emergency Department.


Medscape  Reference A collection of articles related to diagnoses, lab studies, imaging, procedures, and other topics relevant to emergency medical care.

Emergency Medicine








American College of Emergency Physicians

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

American Academy of Emergency Medicine