Rural Community Emergency Medicine Elective

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Rural Community Emergency Medicine Elective

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The Rural Community EM Elective at Culpeper Regional Hospital is another great opportunity for medical students to gain experience with a more rural patient population.

The emergency medicine elective will allow the fourth year medical student to be exposed to the full spectrum of patients that are presented to an emergency department. This will include patients of all ages, with injuries and illness ranging from minor to life threatening. This particular patient population results in a high acuity of medical and surgical illnesses.

Under direct supervision, students will develop the skills necessary to provide care for the acutely ill or injured patient. Students will learn how to follow a patient through the entire visit, from evaluating the undifferentiated patient, generating a differential diagnosis, and deriving a treatment plan and appropriate disposition. In addition, the ED attending or ED resident on duty will involve the students in whatever procedures are occurring in the ED at the time, so the student can have an opportunity to observe and assist.