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Remote Area Medical Expedition

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Welcome to the Remote Area Medical Expedition Elective!

Course Description:

The goal of the Remote Area Medical Expedition to Wise VA is to provide students with a working knowledge of the planning, execution and follow-up needed for a community outreach health program. Students will also participate first hand in providing medical care to at-risk and underserved communities. The fourth year students will gain direct experience teaching and mentoring second year medical students participating with the UVA medical team. This course is in conjunction with a nursing student community health experience. Collaborative practice is emphasized.

It is expected that students will learn the administrative tasks involved in organizing a large volunteer group trip. In advance of the trip students will help with planning, scheduling, orientation of other providers, and preparation of supplies. At the event, students will perform H&Ps, procedures (including physical exams, blood glucose finger sticks, pap smears, cerumen removal, excisional biopsy, punch biopsy, blood draw, urinalysis, EKG, sonograms, peripheral IV placement), will write orders, will counsel patients and families, and will assist with first year medical students who also volunteer at the event. Students will also obtain knowledge of the challenges of the patient follow-up process for abnormal labs and imaging studies. After the event, students will assist with patient follow-ups (labs, imaging, appointments) and data analysis.

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Scott A. Syverud, MD

Rotation Supervisor

Vice Chair, Clinical Operations Medical Director

UVA SOM Community Outreach Medical Director

Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) Program