Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective

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Welcome to the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective!

Course Description:

Students participate in the highest level of pediatric patient care allowed a medical student. Students obtain a history and perform a physical exam on pediatric patients from newborn to adolescence. Under the direct supervision of attendings and senior residents, students exercise clinical thinking and develop differential diagnosis, management and disposition for pediatric patients presenting with medical illness, for an OBGYN workup, surgical workups, traumatic injuries and psychiatric issues. The students will become familiar with common infectious diseases, pediatric surgical/orthopedic emergencies and toxicology emergencies, as well as pregnancy related issues. The student will increase their communication skills with children, families, consultants and emergency medicine staff. Students will participate under supervision in common procedures in pediatric emergency medicine such as suturing, conscious sedation, and splinting of extremity injuries. Students work 8 hour shifts which may include weekends.

Contact Information

Travis Cropped

Travis Harris

Education Coordinator


Phone: 982-1800

Dr. Schlager

Theresa Schlager, M.D.

Rotation Supervisor

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Clinical Pediatrics