MS4 EM Elective

MS4 EM Elective

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Welcome to the MS4 EM Elective!

Links & Resources

Elective Notes: PDF Version of everything you need to know about the elective

Elective Options: The different electives we offer at UVA EM

iTunes U: Our very own iTunes U site featuring lectures from UVA EM attending physicians, residents, and guest speakers

Visiting Medical Student Application: UVA uses VSAS, the Visiting Student Application Service, to process all visiting student applications

Residency Information: Want to learn more about our residency program?  Check it out here!

DailyEM Blog: The hotspot for UVA and University of Maryland Emergency Medicine education.

More resources: For more tools for medical students and EM physicians alike.


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Contact Information

Huff Alternate

J. Stephen Huff, M.D.

Medical Student Clerkship Director


Kiera Sibbald

Education Coordinator