MS3 EM Clerkship

MS3 EM Clerkship


EM Clerkship 2013-2014 4

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Clerkship!

This is a three-week rotation that will introduce you to basic skills and important concepts within the environment of the emergency department, along with its various divisions.  You will spend three weeks in various EM clinical sites and attend dedicated group didactic lectures, workshops and simulation sessions instructed by Emergency Medicine faculty.

Topics Covered During Your Rotation Include:
EM Clerkship 2013-2014 5
  • Emergency Ultrasound
  • Cardiac Resuscitation
  • Emergency Orthopedics
  • Health Care Systems
  • Triage and Disaster Management
  • Trauma Resuscitation
  • Basic Wound Care
  • Suture and Splinting/Joint Immobilization

For Current Students:

Attendance Policy

Guidelines for ED Notes

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For more information, please visit the SOM Emergency Medicine Clerkship website.


Contact Information:

Amita Sudhir, MD                                                       Aileen Watchko

Clerkship Director                                                        Clerkship Coordinator

Email:                                           Email:

Phone: 434-924-9152                                                 Phone: 434-924-1169