Fellowship in Emergency Medical Services

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Fellowship in Emergency Medical Services

EMS Veron wRECKThe Fellowship training program in Emergency Medical Services at the University of Virginia began July 1, 1999. Effective October 1, 2012, it is a fully accredited ACGME fellowship. The Fellowship provides a wide range of opportunities including; ground and air operations, paramedic didactic and clinical instruction, administrative and research experiences, community resource management, disaster planning and training opportunities, dispatch/communication operations and exposure to all models of EMS agencies (volunteer, career, public service, regional and state).

Pegasus 64Rural, urban, and suburban educational opportunities are provided. The Fellowship curriculum includes all aspects of the Medical Directors National Standards developed by NHSTA grants. A regularly scheduled lecture series is integrated during the entire fellowship.

Office space, computer resources, secretarial support, and statistical/ research design support is available to the Fellow. Fellowship training length is one year leading to a certificate of completion. There is an optional two-year tract leading to a masters of science in one of two areas: healthcare resource management or health outcomes researcher. These degrees are offered in conjunction with the Department of Health Evaluation Sciences at UVA. Fellows are also given a faculty appointment as clinical instructor in Emergency Medicine at UVA. Fellowship applicants must have completed a residency in Emergency Medicine and be board certified or board eligible.


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