Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

EMRO is continuously striving to improve on the methods patients are treated. Currently, there are a number of areas in which we are actively researching and recruiting, including:


Clinical Studies Currently Enrolling


Enrollment Criteria


D-Dimer DVT/PE Exclusionary Sample Collection Project

Siemens, SIEM-7205

(IRB-HSR #17205)

· Age: ≥ 18

· Low to moderate risk of DVT or PE

· D-dimer or imaging ordered

· Not currently treated with anticoagulants

Enrollment: M-F 8a-11p

PIC 1044

PI: David Burt, MD


Trial of Ularitide’s Efficacy and Safety in Patients with Acute Heart Failure


· Age: 18-85

· Emergency visit for CHF

· Symptomatic despite treatment w/ 40mg IV furosemide

· Enroll & dose under 12 hrs of presentation

Enrollment: 24/7

CRC PIC 1044

MD PIC 9692

PI: Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD




· Age: ≥ 10

· Symptoms of lactodectism

· Moderate to severe pain

· Presented to an ED within 24 hours of symptom onset

Enrollment: 24/7

Poison Center 4-0347

PI: Christopher Holstege


Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network


· All ages

· Vehicle made in last 6 years (2007-current) [with exceptions]

· Serious Injuries requiring admission

· May enroll after admission

Enrollment: Monday-Friday

9am - 11:30pm

Lea Becker, Elaine Dube, Nicole Paranich

CRC PIC 1044

PI: Mark Sochor

Copperhead II (COMING SOON)

Drug Study


· Age: ≥ 14

· Single bite on an extremity within 24 hours of treatment

· Identifiable snake

Enrollment: 24/7

The Poison Center


PI: Nathan Charlton, MD


Icatibant for ACE-I Angioedema



· Age: ≥ 18

· Symptom onset within 12 hours from treatment

· At least moderate in severity

Enrollment: 24/7

PIC 1044

PI: David Burt, MD 


Comparing Extended Duration Betrixaban With Standard of Care Enoxaparin for the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Acute Medically Ill Patients

(IRB-HSR #17376)

· Age: ≥ 40

· Severely - moderate immobilized

· Admitted with: Acute Decompensated Heart Failure; Acute Respiratory Failure; Acute Infection; Acute Rheumatic Disorders; Acute Ischemic Stroke

· Additional VTE Risk Factors

· Exclusion: <47kg, life expectancy <8 weeks, recent major surgery

Enrollment 24/7

PIC 1044

PI: Aditya Sharma, MD

Clinical Studies Recently Completed


A Prospective Clinical Evaluation of Biomarkers of Traumatic Brain Injury
(Protocol # ATO-06)

· Age: ≥ 18

· GCS of 9-15

· Head CT ordered as part of standard care

· Suspected traumatic head injury

· 3 hours from time of first medical contact

· Known time of injury

Enrollment period has ended; data analysis pending.