Faculty Research

Faculty Research

Here is some of the most recent research done by the esteemed faculty:

Comparison of Emergency Department Operation Metrics by Annual Volume Over 7 Years, Daniel Handel1, James J. Augustine2, Heather L. Farley3, Charles M. Shufflebarger4, Benjamin C. Sun1, Robert E. O’Connor5

Impact of Rising Gasoline Prices on Bicycle Injuries in the United States, 1997–2009 Mairin Smith, M. Kathryn Mutter, Jae Lee, Jing Dai, Mark Sochor, Matthew J. Trowbridge

143 The Influence of Clinical Context on Parents’ Code Status Preferences John E. Jesus1, Matthew B. Allen2, Glen E. Michael3, Michael W. Donnino4, Shamai A. Grossman4, Caleb P. Hale4, Anthony C. Breu4, Alexander Bracey4, Jennifer L. O’Connor4, Jonathan Fisher4 

283 Emergency Medicine Resident Self-Assessment of Competency During Training and Beyond Jeremy Voros1, Rita Cydulka2, Debra Perina3, John Moorhead4 

286 A Novel Approach To ‘‘See One, Do One’’: Video Instruction for Suturing Workshops Amita Sudhir, Claire M. Plautz, William A. Woods 

442 Effect of Frontal vs Side Impact Car Crashes on Head Injury Outcomes Stephanie Eucker, Kathryn Mutter, Dipan Bose, Eric Wu, Mark Sochor 

473 Training in Transvaginal Ultrasound Using Pelvic Ultrasound Simulators versus Live Models James H. Moak, Shannon Larese, John P. Riordan, Amita Sudhir 

630 Comparing Emergency Department Operational Metrics by Visits per Square Foot and Visits per Treatment Space Amin Saad1, Heather Farley1, Daniel A. Handel2, James J. Augustine3, Charles M. Shufflebarger4, Robert E. O’Connor5 

701 Blood Lead Level Elevation Following Explosive Charge Exposure in Breachers Christopher P. Holstege1, David N. Easton1, Walter Carr2, Lee Ann Young3, Timothy Waliko3, James Stone1 

13 IEME: The Incorporation of High-Fidelity Simulation in the Evaluation of Efficacy of a Resident Remediation Plan, Chris A. Ghaemmaghami, MD; Amita Sudhir, MD; William A. Woods, MD