Emergency Medicine Research Office (EMRO)

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Emergency Medicine Research Office (EMRO)

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Mark Sochor
Research Director

Matthew Trowbridge
Associate Research Director

Josh Easter
Assistant Research Director

Lea Becker
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Elaine Dube
Advanced Clinical Research Coordinator

Nicole Paranich
Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator


EMRO supports innovation to improve health care by enrolling research participants representative of patient populations with the upmost respect for persons and managing research projects in compliance with regulations and guidance.  Our inclusive mission extends to broaden participation in quality research, to benefit the institution, the research participants, and society as a whole.

Patient Recruitment:

Our research staff have been very successful in enrolling patients. Emergency Medicine research is relient on volunteers who are willing to participate in order to improve care for others.

Recruitment of a Representative Patient Population Poster.

Purpose of Clinical Research:

Whenever we have a new test, device, or drug we need to test it on real people in real situations to see how well it works. If it is not better than the usual care, then it will not be approved for clinical use.


Meet the Team:


  • Elaine Dube, Dr. Sochor, Lea Becker and Nicole Paranich at a crash test at the IIHS. (Nov 2013)



  • Part of the EMRO team celebrating a great year!  (Dec 2013)