Support During Residency

Support During Residency

Recently learned of several nearby tragic events, including a suicide gesture by a trainee at a regional academic medical center. We thought this was a good time to remind you of services that are available to our trainees at UVA. Although Match Day often seems to be a turning point for our more junior residents, with finally some light at the end of a long tunnel, training in general remains very stressful to many of them. Please take a moment to check in with them. 

If you need our help, or that of FEAP, here is a reminder of what they can provide:

  • General Counseling services (trainees/spouses may self refer for this cnofidential service


  • Counselor - ON CALL 24/7


  • Professional CoachingRelocation assistance (support to families in transition)Lawyer


  • ReferralCritical Incident Response and SupportUVA Health System Worklife Resources