Medical Student Rotation - Cutaneous Surgery (1202)

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Medical Student Rotation - Cutaneous Surgery (1202)


Rotation Co-Supervisors: Mark A. Russell, M.D.; Julia K. Padgett, M.D.
Duration: 2 weeks minimum; 4 weeks maximum, recommended
Time to Report: 8:00 AM
Place to Report: Dr. Russell's office, Dermatology, 3rd Floor Primary Care Center, Room 3510
Number of Students per Rotation: 1

Course Description & Objectives

The objectives of this rotation are to provide a firm foundation in:

  1. The diagnosis and management of benign and malignant skin tumors
  2. The prevention and management of sun-induced skin cancer
  3. Surgical technique for the office setting
  4. Suturing skills
  5. Wound management and bandaging technique
  6. The performance of local flaps and grafts
  7. Functional head and neck anatomy
  8. Medical photography


A pigs' foot practice surgery session will be conducted during a 4-week rotation.

Interested students are encouraged and assisted in generating a publication.

This elective would be of particular interest to students interested in dermatology, head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, and primary care medicine.