• During this rotation, remember that you are representing not only yourselves, but also the University, the School of Medicine, the clinical departments of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine and your chosen profession. Students should behave with utmost professionalism at all times, especially when involved with patient care.
  • Students should respect patient confidentiality and act as their patients' leading advocate. Discussions involving patients and their medical issues should be conducted in a considerate, responsible manner at all times.
  • Professional behaviors, including attendance, participation, responsibility, professional interactions with colleagues and supervisors, and attitudes will be considered when determining grades on the clinical rotations.   


  • Students must dress appropriately at all times. Remember that you are now healthcare providers and soon to be physicians, and will carry the responsibility of this title. 
  • Please wear your white coat and ID at all times during patient care. Scrubs and comfortable shoes are appropriate for the operating rooms and the emergency department. Business casual attire is appropriate for group sessions and lectures, and ECT.
  • Dress code for the EMS rotation - a white collar shirt with khaki trousers, or a blue collar shirt with blue trousers (no jeans). Sturdy shoes are required.

  • Please see individual rotation sites for appropriate attire, and contact Ms. Edwards or Drs. Shilling or Sudhir with questions regarding appropriate attire.



  • Students who are ill during the clerkship should notify Diana Edwards at 924-9454.  Absences for other reasons must be cleared with Drs. Shilling or Sudhir.  Prolonged absences (more than 3 days) may need approval by the Student Affairs Office.  Students who are away from the clerkship for an excessive period of time may need to make up the time missed before receiving their final grade.