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Rwanda Human Resources for Health


Anesthesiology faculty for HRH is coordinated by three institutions, UVA, Dartmouth, and Harvard.  For the first three years, a total of five anesthesiologists at a time will be working in Rwanda.  US involvement will decrease gradually over the seven years of the HRH program. as the number of Rwandan residents and physicians increases.

First HRH teleconference!

Friday, December 21, was a milestone for UVA's involvement in HRH Rwanda, as we participated in the first ever teleconference with anesthesiologists of the National University of Rwanda.  Read more about it here.

The teleconference is now a monthly event, usually on the last Friday of the month, starting at 0900 Eastern time.

UVA Anesthesiologists appointed for HRH

In October, 2012, Randal S. Blank, M.D., Ph.D. left for Rwanda, our first anesthesiologist to travel there under the sponsorship of Human Resources for Health.  Dr. Blank was accompanied by Will Cox, M.D., a senior resident at UVA.  (Dr. Cox's participation was an elective rotation of our residency program, supervised by Dr. Blank, and independent of the HRH program.)

Faculty appointments to HRH

The minimum term of appointment is three months, although a commitment of one year is ideal.  Physicians do not have to be affiliated with one of the participating institutions in order to be part of this project.  Physicians from private practice or another institution will be granted a temporary appointment at one of the participating institutions.

Bill Clinton at CGI 2012


The Rwandan Human Resources for Health Program, with partners including Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Minister of Health Agnes Binagwaho, announced a Commitment to Action at the 2012 CGI Annual Meeting.

Photo credit: Todd France / Clinton Global Initiative

Press coverage of HRH

For more information

Marcel Durieux is coordinating UVA's participation in Anesthesiology. Dr. Durieux's most recent trip to Rwanda, along with Chief Resident Kristi Rose, was in April, 2012.  They chronicled their adventures, in and out of the OR, on their blog.

If you would like to be considered as an anesthesiologist for Rwanda Human Resources for Health, contact Dr. Durieux by email or call his office at 434-924-2283.

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