Global Health Initiatives

Global Health Initiatives

UVA Anesthesiology Travels the World

For most of the year, the attending physicians and residents in the Department of Anesthesiology provide anesthesia in the University of Virginia Health System, supported by sophisticated equipment and predictable supplies of drugs.  For a few weeks a year, however, many of our faculty members set aside the creature comforts of Charlottesville and move their medical practices to locations around the globe.  Often, residents are part of these trips, and sometimes, the trips are resident-initiated.

If you are interested in an international medical trip as a resident, contact Marcel Durieux, Professor of Anesthesiology, or Christine Baer, Residency Coordinator.

Travel broadens your perspective

Human Resources for Health

The University of Virginia is one of a group of universities participating in Rwanda Human Resources for Health to build a sustainable health care delivery system in Rwanda.  UVA is participating in the Anesthesiology and Surgery programs, and Marcel Durieux coordinates the Anesthesiology involvement. For the next seven years, anesthesiologists associated with the University of Virginia will work in Rwanda. Anesthesiologists from other institutions and from private practice will have short term appointments with UVA.

Marcel Durieux heads back to Rwanda

Marcel Durieux and Paul De Marco are off to Rwanda and you can read his always informative blog here. Expect cross cultural observations and adventures in nature, along with anesthesiology. And bees! Yes, Marcel is bringing the Rwandan beekeepers an American perspective and equipment.

Where in the world?


Recent UVA trips

  • March, 2014: Marcel Durieux and resident Paul De Marco to Rwanda with Human Resources for Health
  • March, 2014: George Politis and resident Sam Jett to Mexico with Operation Smile
  • February, 2014: Terry Yemen and resident Alison Jeziorski to India with Virginia Children's Connection
  • September, 2013:  Jeremy May, CRNA, in South Sudan with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).
  • June, 2013:  George Politis and resident Tim Eng in Myanmar (Burma) with Operation Smile.
  • April, 2013:  Lyn Wells and Carl Lynch in Bolivia.
  • March, 2013:  Mohamed Tiouririne and resident Albert Ardon in Rwanda.  Read their blog here.
  • February, 2013:  Mick Jaeger in Rwanda with Human Resources for Health
  • January, 2013:  Marcel Durieux and resident Christina Hayhurst in Malawi.  Read their blog here.

Other Global Initiatives

Over the years, our faculty members have developed strong relationships with international organizations and have returned to the same clinics over and over again. Often, residents accompany them, gaining invaluable experience with procedures, techniques, and challenges not often seen in the US.

Here are some of the faculty members who have made a commitment to global health and the programs they are working with

  • Marcel E. Durieux, Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurological Surgery
  • Carl Lynch III, Professor of Anesthesiology
  • George D. Politis, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics
  • Terrance A. Yemen, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics