2011 Awards Presented at Graduation Dinner

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2011 Awards Presented at Graduation Dinner

Stormy skies failed to dim the proceedings as the Department of Anesthesiology faculty, residents and fellows, and CRNAs gathered to celebrate the 2011 graduates of the department's residency and fellowship programs.

Fourteen senior residents completed the program this year. Five are going on two fellowship programs in Pain Medicine (2), Critical Care Medicine (2) and Cardiac anesthesia (1).  Two have been appointed to faculty positions.  Seven have accepted positions in private practice, in six different states.

Seven fellows have completed fellowship years, 5 in Pain Medicine and one each in Regional Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, leaving us for positions in private practice (6) and academic medicine (1).

The residents presented the annual faculty teaching award to David M. Sanders, M.D.  Dr. Sanders joined our faculty in 2009 after completing his residency and Cardiothoracic Anesthesia fellowship at Wake Forest University.  

The Brian Korbon award for resident research was presented to Robert H. Thiele, M.D., marking an unprecedented third time Dr. Thiele has won this award.  Dr. Thiele has entered a Critical Care Medicine fellowship at Duke University. Brian Korbon, for whom the award is named, was the son of Greg Korbon, a former faculty member of our department.

Earlier this spring, the Douglas Eastwood award was presented to Lauren Dunn, fourth year medical student.  Dr. Eastwood was the first chair of the Department of Anesthesiology, from 1955 to 1971.  Dr. Dunn, now graduated, has joined the department as a first year resident.