Huffmyer Research Named "Best of Meeting" at IARS

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Huffmyer Research Named "Best of Meeting" at IARS

Huffmyer Research Named "Best of Meeting" at IARS

Julie L. Huffmyer

May 20, 2012:  Boston

The International Anesthesia Research Society announced that Julie Huffmyer, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, has won the Best of Meeting Award for Patient-Oriented Research at the Society's 2012 annual meeting. See the official notice here.

Dr. Huffmyer is a 2008 graduate of the UVA Department of Anesthesiology Residency, serving as chief resident during her final year.  She completed a cardiac/liver transplant fellowship during the following year and has been an Assistant Professor since 2009. 

Dr. Huffmyer's award-winning research demonstrated better post-operative glucose management in cardiac patients using the Glucommander® as compared to standard therapy. Read more about the research project on our Technology in Anesthesia and Critical Care projects page.

Perioperative use of the Glucommander® for glucose control in patients undergoing cardiac surgery J. L. Huffmyer, F. E. Blum, D. S. Groves, E. C. Nemergut Anesthesiology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Clinical Research Coordinator Franzizka Blum was vital to this project, enrolling and monitoring patients, and Drs. Nemergut and Groves provided vital tactical and statistical help. Congratulations to Julie Huffmyer and her colleagues for this validation of both their research and the device.