Meal Reimbursement

Meal Reimbursement

Meal Reimbursement

AIM and Family Medicine Clerkships

(Applies to only a few students at away sites.)

Most students will have an available kitchen or meals provided and will NOT receive any reimbursement for meals.  Students, who do NOT have either an available kitchen or meals provided, will be reimbursed for meals up to $36 per day.  You will be informed prior to the start of the clerkship if you qualify for this reimbursement.

Please keep a record on the form provided and submit it with all receipts on the last day of the clerkship.  

Meal Allowance Breakdown







  • You cannot use the whole allowable amount of $36.00 for one meal.
  • Any amount over the allowable individual meal allowance will not be reimbursed.
  • You may not skip one meal and spend that amount on another meal.  (Example - if you do not eat breakfast, you cannot spend an additional $7.00 on lunch or dinner or if you spend $20.00 on dinner, you will only be reimbursed $18.00).
  • Meals may be purchased in restaurants or from grocery stores. For grocery receipts, indicate the meals and the dates the receipt covers.
  • Please keep a record on the AIM/FM Reimbursement Form and submit it with all receipts on the last day of the clerkship.
  • You cannot be reimbursed without receipts.
  • There is no reimbursement for alcohol.

If you have questions, please contact:

Mrs. Minerva Hill                      (434) 924-9609             
Darci Lieb                             (434) 924-2194