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Housing and Transportation

Housing & Transportation



  • The criteria for the housing we strive to meet is that your site:
    • Has some ability for you to fix meals or to keep food
    • Gives you some access to a phone
    • Will have some privacy
    • Will be as close to your clinical site as possible.
  • Sites are not required to provide internet access, accept pets or do laundry.
  • We use dorms or academic housing where it is available.
  • You may be asked to share a room with another student of the same gender if single space is not available.
  • Students are not housed with preceptors.
  • We try to accommodate allergies. If you have an allergy you must submit a doctor's note in order to be accommodated.
  • Many sites are B & B's. They offer us a discount and will bill us if you leave early, late or do not show up. If  you decide not to use your housing and have not notified us in advance, you will be billed for the amount that the Clinical Clerkship Support Office is charged, and a document noting a lapse in professionalism will be added to your file. Your cooperation with packing up on weekends you return to Charlottesville, if asked to, is appreciated.
  • If you are not going to use the site we have arranged for you for ANY REASON, notify Minerva Hill in the Clinical Clerkship Support Office two weeks PRIOR to the start of the rotation.
  • Bookings are for students only, so significant others are not allowed. Please do not ask your housing host to waive this rule.
  • Pets and alcohol are not allowed in housing.
  • If you have questions or concerns before or during your stay at your site, contact Minerva Hill at the Clincial Clerkship Support Office immediately at 434-924-9606. Do not wait until the day you depart or until after the rotation to let us know about problems you encountered.
  • We do encourage you to take your cell phones but be aware that not all services will work in all areas of the state-especially Southwest Virginia.

I have read the above housing information. The Clerkship Office arranges for all
housing and for that reason I understand that I should not be contacting my housing directly until instructed to do so by the Clinical Clerkship Support Staff.

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Evan B. Heald, MD, AIM Clerkship Director ebh3a@virginia.edu
Peter Ham, MD Family Medicine Clerkship Director
Sylvie Moore, Clerkship Administrator AIM & FM
sylvie@virginia.edu (434)  982-2516
Minerva Hill, Clinical Clerkship Support mrj4z@virgnia.edu (434) 924-9609