ITP Poster Printer

ITP Poster Printer

The Immunology Training Program (through the Carter Immunology Center) provides poster printing to Immunology Training Program Mentors (and members of their labs).


Basic Process:

1).  Heads up

If you think there is a reasonable probability that you will need a poster printed, please drop up as line ( 10-14 days ahead of time.  This is simply a courtesy that allows us to make sure that someone is here to process your request.  By no means will you be obligated to print anything if the deadline comes near and you decide you don’t need a poster.

2).  Create the slide

Create your poster in Powerpoint or whatever software.   Make sure you define your dimensions in >File >Page Setup.

3).  Proof the slide
Save the final version as a PDF.  Verify that all of your symbols are correct.  Proof everything closely.  We will not proof your slide for you.

4).  Email the slide

When ready, email the PDF as an attachment to -- In the body of the email, you must also provide a PTAO and desired dimensions of the poster.  The PTAO cannot be a grant PTAO (i.e. start with a "G" -- if you need clarification contact Darlene Reickmann-Larosa).

5).  Processing

Printing will be done within 2 full business days.  We will send you an email when the job is complete.

6).  Pricing

- smaller than or equal to 36x42" = $50

- greater than 36x42" = $60


More details:

1).  Remember to send the file in PDF format.

2).  Two full business days is the official turnaround time.  However, if you have given us a heads up and we have the opportunity to expedite things, turnaround may be as fast as 30 minutes.  The key is effective communication.

3).  We only print on one width of paper: 42". Therefore, one of your dimensions cannot exceed 42". The other dimension can be whatever you require as we print from a continuous roll.

4). We will not trim your poster.  Nor will we edit the content (e.g. fix mistakes).

5).  We only offer a high gloss photo paper.

6).  If your PI is not an ITP mentor, then please consider using the CVRC’s printing core. -- Alternatively, you might consider UVA PCS


If you have any other questions or require additional information, you may contact Poster Support by email: or phone: 434-924-0237