Sachin Gadani

Sachin Gadani




What is the nature of reality, and what contribution does the brain have in creating it? Philosophically neuroscience and cosmology are not so different: both in the end hope to describe the origins of the universe, only neuroscience starts in our own minds. This homology is what initiated my interest in the brain—the idea that to understand the brain is to understand how it perceives and creates the world around us—and I have since become enthralled in many more specific topics in neuroscience.


Currently I am interested in understanding the initial phases of inflammation after CNS injury, focusing on the alarmin IL-33. We have described IL-33 expression in the healthy brain, where it is restricted to oligodendrocytes and grey matter astrocytes, and its activity after injury, acting on local astrocytes and microglia to induce chemokine expression and initiate inflammation. My current focus is on the activation and implications for meningeal innate immunity after spinal cord injury.


I came to the UVA MD/PhD program after studying biology at Case Western University. Outside of lab I enjoy playing music (Western and Indian classical), tennis, and collecting insects.