Research Faculty

Research Faculty

Principal Investigator

Isa Hussaini - Lab Headshot
Dr. Isa Hussaini - Ph.D. (Pharmacology), University of London

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Patrick M. Martin, Ph.D. Cell Biology (2003) UVA
  • Samson Amos, Ph.D. Pharmacology (2002) University of Nigeria
  • Rana Abdel-fattah, Ph.D. Cancer Research (1998) Newcastle U.K.
  • Yunge Zhao, MD/Ph.D. Beijin China (1998)
  • Lorin M. Henrich, Ph.D. Microbiology (2004) University of Virginia.

Past Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Sean E. Aeder Ph.D. Cell Biology (2003) UVA


Clinical Fellows

  • Melike Mut M.D. (Mark Shaffrey's Neurosurgery Fellow)

Laboratory Specialists

  • Joan E. Carpenter
  • Gerard T. Redpath
  • Aizhen Xioa
  • Kelsey Flake