Primary Faculty

Jeff Corwin
Regeneration of Auditory Receptor Cells

Alban Gaultier
Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammation, Neurodegenerative & Autoimmune Diseases

Tajie Harris
Immune Response to CNS Infections

Jonathan Kipnis

Neuro-Immune Interactions

Kevin Lee (Chair)
Neuronal Vulnerability

Jeh-Ping Liu
Spinal Cord Development

John Lukens

Neuroinflammatory disease

Jung-Bum Shin
Auditory Neurobiology

Jeremy Tuttle
Neurotrophins in Health and Disease

Bettina Winckler
Regulation of Axon Growth in Health and Disease

Mary Kate Worden
Vesicle Mobilization and Membrane Function

Scott Zeitlin
Huntington's Disease

Joint-appointed Faculty

Gregory Helm (Neurosurgery)
Gene Therapy Techniques in Neurosurgical Disorders

Wendy Lynch (Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences)
Neurological Basis of Addiction

Benjamin Purow (Neurology)
Notch Pathway and MicroRNAs in Gliomas

Jason Sheehan (Neurological Surgery)
Epilepsy and Neuronal Regeneration

Slobodan Todorovic (Anesthesiology)
Pharmacology and Function of T-type Calcium Channels in Sensory Transmission

Vesna Jevtovic-Todorovic (Anesthesiology)
Anesthetic Drugs Interaction with Neurotransmitter Systems

J. Julius Zhu (Pharmacology)
Mechanisms of Synaptic Plasticity

Zhiyi Zuo (Anesthesiology)
Regulation of Glutamate Transporters and Neuroprotection

J. Javier Provencio (Neurology)