Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Mind Brain & Behavior: NESC 7060/MED 6608

This is an integrated neuroscience and psychiatry course designed primarily for first year medical and NGP students. The course presents the principals of nervous system organization and function in a combined lecture and laboratory format. The neuroscience portions of the course are composed of sections on cellular and molecular neuroscience, human neuroanatomy, systems neuroscience (including sensory, motor, and integrative systems) and nervous system development and plasticity. Lectures emphasize the relationship between the anatomical organization of particular systems and the functional properties of those systems. Laboratory sessions consist of human brain dissections.

Selected Topics in Neuroscience: NESC 8080

These courses are offered as the need arises in order to cover special topic areas. Topic and organization are determined by the course director.

Introduction to Research: NESC 8150 and 8160

This is a research apprenticeship, in which students carry out supervised research in the laboratories of individual faculty members in order to gain experience in neuroscience research strategies and methodologies. Emphasis is placed on experimental design and specific technical applications depending on student interest.

Directed Readings in Neuroscience: NESC 8610

Students undertake a guided reading program focusing on a particular area of research.  Students meet weekly with an advisor to discuss the material.  Emphasis is on critical analysis and interpretation of scientific literature.

Non-Topical Research:  NESC 9998 and 9999

Doctoral research undertaken before a student has become a degree candidate in Neuroscience.

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