R.J. Kadner Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching

R.J. Kadner Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching

R.J.Kadner Distinguished Teaching Award-banner

The Robert J. Kadner Award recognizes outstanding contributions to teaching and mentoring PhD candidates or postdoctoral fellows pursuig careers in basic or clinical laboratory research.  It is sponsored by the Academy of Distinguished Educators . Through this award, the legacy of Robert J. Kadner's devotion to education and research will continue.


J. David Castle, PhD
Professor of Cell Biology




AubleKadnerAward2012.jpg 2012 KADNER AWARD
David Auble, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
DeSimone-2011-sm.jpg 2011 KADNER AWARD
Douglas W. DeSimone, PhD
Professor of Cell Biology
Judith White, Kadner Award 2010 KADNER AWARD
Judith White, PhD

Professor of Cell Biology
Amy Bouton, PhD 2009 KADNER AWARD
Amy H. Bouton, PhD

Professor of Microbiology
Victor Engelhard, PhD receives Kadner award in 2008
Victor H. Engelhard, PhD
Professor of Microbiology
R.J. Kadner-Distinguished Teaching Award-Ravichandran
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD
Professor of Microbiology

R.J.Kadner Distinguished Teaching Award-Moenter
Suzanne M. Moenter, PhD
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine