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Research Awards and News



Alison Criss, PhD receives Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

“She is…fearless in adopting new technologies as they develop, often applying them to her own research problems in unique and inventive
ways.” – Colleague
“Alison’s research has the potential to remarkably expand our knowledge on Neisseria pathogenesis and has translational implications by providing potential new targets for therapeutic intervention. …This is a fundamentally important series of studies performed by the right
person, using the right approaches, and at the right time.” – Colleague
“Alison epitomizes what we hope to develop in our younger generation of scientists and faculty here at UVa.” – Colleague
“Through her hard work and intelligence, Alison has gained the respect of our department, members of the University community with whom she has interacted, and colleagues throughout the scientic community.” – Colleague
“Since she has joined the Department in 2008, Alison has been stellar in every category of what one would expect of a junior investigator.”
– Colleague

[source:  Award Poster]  Link to Criss Lab

David Brautigan, PhD receives the Distinguished Mentor award from the Biology Department for 2012 / 2013.

The Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held Wednesday, May 1.

Daniel G. Gioeli, PhD wins SOM Team Science Award for his work with the Prostate Cancer Research Group (other team members: Bryce M. Paschal, PhD, Anindya Dutta, MBBS, PhD, Henry F. Frierson, Jr., MD, David Wotton, PhD, Mark R. Conaway, PhD




“What better example of interdisciplinary collaborative team science is there at UVa SOM? is team includes geneticists and molecular and cell biologists working in concert with a biostatistician and a pathologist on innovative animal models of human disease.” – Colleague

“By virtue of [their Program Project] award we can be assured that they have been judged by experts in the eld to be one of the premier research teams in the country.” – Colleague

“is team brings together basic and clinical scientists with complementary expertise, a track record of collaboration, and a shared vision of dening mechanisms of prostate cancer progression. is P01 project will have a major impact on the prostate cancer field….” – Colleague [source: Award Poster]

Loren Erickson, PhD wins SOM Dean's Award for Excellency in Teaching

"He is patient and methodical, moving at the pace of the student, adapting to their learning needs, and allowing the student to ask questions, ensuring they fully understand the concept." - Student

"His passion for science is infectious and it is his unwavering enthusiasm that drives students not only to excel under his tutelage but to give them the desire to learn more." - Student

“Dr. Erickson is one of the students’ both the old and the new curricula... The future of medicl education at our institution is bright and our students will be better physicians because of Dr. Erickson."  - Colleague [source: Award Poster]



Victor H. Engelhard, PhD wins SOM Team Science Award for his work with the Melanoma Immunotherapy Group (other Team members: Craig L. Slingluff, Jr., MD, FACS and Donald F. Hunt, PhD):

“This is is a group that you at UVa should be extremely proud to have fostered. It is one that many institutional leaders can only wish to have developed at their universities.” – Colleague

“This is is a real ‘Dream Team’ that should be an exemplar for future UVa research teams to emulate.” – Colleague

“Together, they have created a world-recognized center for utilizing the immune system to treat cancer which in turn has served as the foundation for a Cancer Center Program that has consistently been among the most highly regarded elements of the University of Virginia’s Cancer Center Support Grant from NCI.” – Colleague [source: Award Poster]



The award is given annually to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in leadership, scholarship and mentoring, and who exerts influence in fostering a better institutional environment by advocating for women's issues.

Bouton has mentored numerous undergraduate, medical and bioengineering students. She has a long history of competing successfully for research awards from the National Institutes of Health, and pre-doctoral and doctoral training awards from the National Cancer Institute. [more]




2012 ASM Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award is Joanna B. Goldberg, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, University of Virginia, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.

"Goldberg is truly deserving of this award," describes Sara Cassidy of the University of Michigan, a former student of Goldberg's. "Through years of practice, she has developed an uncanny ability to detect and address the needs of individual students-a quality of mentorship that is difficult to teach."[ more]


UVA Microbiologist Alison Criss, PhD, Honored With Prestigious 2011 Young Investigator Award. Award Recognizes Her Ongoing Research into Finding New Ways to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea. [ more]

Breastcells.jpg Pioneering Research Illuminates Breast Cancer, Like You’ve Never Seen it Before. UVA Study finds that Research into the Growth of Mammary Glands in Mice is not a Reliable Predictor of Human Breast Development [more]
scientist.jpg Scientist of the Year [ more]

Top Ten in Biomedical Research

For the fifth year in a row, University of Virginia has been named a national Top Ten Center of Biomedical Research by the Hartwell Foundation. UVA joins an elite list of nationally renowned institutions, such as Duke, Johns Hopkins and Cornell.[ more]

DistScie.jpg Distinguished Scientists [ more]
kedesvirus.jpg UVA Researchers Discover Cells in Human Tonsils are Likely Targets of the Cancer-Causing KSHV Herpes Virus [ more]
medschool.jpg UVA School of Medicine Achieves Best Ever Rankings for Doctoral Programs -- Four Programs in Top 10 and All in the Top 20 Percent [ more]
assocdean.jpg Breast cancer researcher Amy H. Bouton, PhD, was recently appointed Associate Dean for Graduate and Medical Scientist Programs at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. [ more]