P.I. - Associate Professor of R.
Dan Gioeli, PhD
Dan Gioeli, PhD --

The overall goal of the Gioeli Lab research is to understand the mechanistic underpinnings of how signal transduction pathways cross-talk and contribute to cancer progression. Much of my published work to date has focused on how growth factor and androgen signaling facilitates prostate cancer progression. While these studies make up the core of my current research program, this work has also spawned research in additional, related areas. We are now identifying the signaling pathways that compensate for androgen ablation in prostate cancer as well as looking for combinatorial therapeutic targets in melanoma.
Research Associate
Huy Ta, PhD
Huy Ta, PhD --

Huy is studying novel kinases that regulate prostate cancer cell growth and response to hormone. These kinases were identified from a whole kinome RNAi screen.

Yulia Koryakina, PhD

Yulia Koryakina, PhD --

Yulia is studying how the cell cycle regulates AR phosphorylation and transcriptional activity.

Laboratory Specialist
Melissa Ivey
Melissa Ivey --

Mel is examining how mechanotransduction regulates AR transcriptional activity and prostate cancer cell response to hormone. In her spare time she pursues kinases identified from our RNAi screen.

Former Laboratory Members
Ania Piasecka, University of
Warsaw visiting graduate
student MS awarded 2012

Hillary Whitworth 
UVA class of 2011

Michelle Kew
UVA class of 2011

Weber Collaborators
Mark Axelrod
Vicki Gordon, Sr. Laboratory

Devin Roller, MS

Devin is using synthetic lethal screening with small molecule inhibitors to search for combinatorial effects and functionally identify compensatory and redundant relationships in melanoma.