Private and Public (Final) Defenses

Private and Public (Final) Defenses

The dissertation represents the summation of the student’s independent research. Therefore, adequate time must be set aside for preparation of the dissertation and for the Dissertation Committee members to evaluate the work.


The dissertation is to be prepared in consultation with the mentor. When the document is complete to the satisfaction of both the student and mentor it should be submitted to the first reader/chairperson of the student’s Dissertation Committee for evaluation before the dissertation can be submitted to the rest of the committee. The first reader must have at least two weeks to evaluate and comment on the dissertation. Any changes to the dissertation deemed necessary by the first reader must be incorporated into the document and approved by the first reader and the student’s mentor before it can be submitted to the rest of the committee. The dissertation must be submitted to the full committee a minimum of one week prior to the Private Defense date. All Dissertation Committee members must agree to the Private Defense date and must be present for the Private Defense. Any changes to the dissertation deemed necessary by the committee during the Private Defense must be made and approved prior to scheduling a date for the Public (Final) Defense. Once the Private Defense and revisions have been successfully completed and approved a Public Defense may be scheduled.


Public Defenses may not be scheduled any sooner than 7 days following successful completion of the Private Defense and approval of any necessary revisions to the dissertation.  (Exceptions to the seven-day period between the Private and Public Defenses are rare but may be requested under extenuating circumstances. Requests should be submitted in writing to MIC’s Director of Graduate Studies following a successful Private Defense and must be approved by the MIC Departmental Chairman.)


After the Public (Final) Defense students must complete submission of paperwork and the Dissertation to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences according to the process described below.


Final Details - After the Final Defense

The procedure for final GSAS paperwork and thesis submission has recently changed, so please read the following website carefully and complete all instructions before the deadlines.

IMPORTANT - Bring your signed Final Exam form to me by the deadline and I will scan and email it to the GSAS Registrar.  This must be done before you can upload your thesis.

To Order Bound Thesis Copies


Bound copies can be ordered either before or after the deadlines.  It is recommended that you take these instructions with you because you will need the PTAO below.


There are no formatting requirements for the uploaded thesis, but there are some for bound copies. Please follow the “ physical standards” guidelines.


The UVA Copy Center has 2 locations:  Chemistry Building (2nd floor) or 2474 Old Ivy Rd.


Please be prepared before you go:

  • You can take your thesis on a flash drive or CD.  If you give them a CD, it should be labeled.
  • They will want to know exactly which page numbers are in color and how many total pages you have.
  • Large envelopes – one for each bound copy, labeled.

If you come to my office, I can give you envelopes, a CD and labels.



  • 2 bound copies can be charged to the following PTAO: 102799-500-SG00184-40240.  One copy is for the MIC library and one copy is for the student.
  • Please ask if mentor would prefer a bound copy or a digital copy on CD.  A CD copy is free and if they want a bound copy, they should provide a PTAO.
  • We will not pay for copyrights.
  • If you want more than one personal copy, you should pay for it yourself.


The Copy Center will ask for an address to send the bound copies and you can give them my address below if you want to.  Please bring the receipt for the PTAO above to me and don’t forget that one copy is for the MIC library.


When you have completed all of the above, you are FINALLY FINISHED!! Congratulations!


Sandy Weirich
BIMS Administrator
P.O. Box 800734

Phone:  243-2776

Cell:  409-3705                                                                                                               Updated:  8/1/13

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