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Laboratory Research

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Students perform three rotations in laboratories of their choice during their first year in the program. These rotations provide an opportunity to become familiar with specific laboratory and research areas while performing small research projects. Students are encouraged to begin their first rotation during the summer prior to the beginning of courses so that they can become acquainted with research opportunities before classes begin. After completion of all three rotations at the end of the first year of study, students then choose a research lab and thesis advisor.

* rotation 1: July → September (before the start of the 1st semester)
* rotation 2: November → December
* rotation 3: January → February

The research programs of faculty in the MIC are nationally and internationally renowned. They are well-funded from both federal and private sources, providing student research activities with excellent financial and technological support. Laboratories are well-equipped with modern and sophisticated instrumentation to enable advanced experimentation in molecular and cellular biology.