Curriculum Requirements for Microbiology PhD

Curriculum Requirements for Microbiology PhD

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Based on the thesis lab selection and the specific thesis project a student’s mentor will direct the student’s course-selection to fulfill MIC Ph.D. and NIH training program requirements. In addition to the completed 12-week core course (BIMS 6000) each MIC student must complete four 6-week modules. At least two of these modules must be MIC-specific modules. Various 6-week modular courses may be taken concurrently and/or sequentially, potentially allowing all course work to be completed in the first year of graduate studies, or students and their mentors may choose to spread the course work over the second year.


In addition to the four 6-week modules, each MIC student will complete a semester long course in Research Ethics (BIMS 7100) and participate in an MIC Colloquium course (MICR 8005) where primary literature is read, presented, and discussed with classmates and faculty. Attendance at weekly MIC Departmental Seminars (MICR 8000 and MICR 8001) for four semesters rounds out the curriculum requirements for MIC students during their first part of graduate studies.

Obtaining an “Emphasis” in Microbiology, Immunology, or Cancer Biology

MIC students who complete course work associated with the Microbiology Ph.D. and one of the NIH (Infectious Diseases, Immunology, or Cancer Biology) Training Programs are able to add an emphasis in Microbiology, Immunology, or Cancer Biology to their degree.


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