Administrator of the Year: 2014

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Administrator of the Year: 2014

Mary-Leigh Thacker, Orthopaedic Surgery, Administrator of the Year 2014

Described as someone who excels in her role as the Associate Administrator for the Departmenteditedpic.jpg of Orthopaedic Surgery, Mary-Leigh exemplifies leadership and management excellence within the department, as well as the School of Medicine and UPG.  Her exceptional contributions and professional demeanor have placed her in high regard by faculty and staff alike. In addition, Mary-Leigh is someone that is called upon from other administrators and their staff for advice and counsel on a variety of topics.

There were pages of accolades submitted with praise for Mary-Leigh’s work ethic and accomplishments.  Some highlights of the year include:

  • implementing measures for financial accountability throughout the department
  • completely embracing the engagement process, to include assisting Dr. Chhabra with implementing an employee engagement plan, to increase faculty and staff engagement within the department
  • obtaining the maximum patient care revenue due to her high performing billing and coding team; modeling teamwork has created a high-performing unit!
  • Due to the growth in research in Orthopaedics, Mary-Leigh was an integral part of hiring 3 new research positions and re-engineering the research activities within the department through strong human resources and financial skills


A few comments from her nominators:

  • “I have found her to be a tremendous resource when I have had questions about procedures related to the FRP and budget processes.  Her guidance has contributed greatly to my development as a Division Administrator in the Department of Medicine, and I am very grateful that she has taken the time to help whenever I have asked”, Joe Derrico, Administrator, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care, Department of Medicine.
  • Bobby Chhabra, M.D., Professor and Chair, Orthopaedic Surgery stated that Mary-Leigh led with “quiet leadership, devotion, and tremendous skill.  She is loved by all members of my department.  She is always reliable and I have the utmost faith and trust in her ability.”
  • “She has implemented measures for financial accountability throughout the department.  She, and her staff, routinely provide meaningful financial information to the department’s leadership to help make appropriate decisions.  Because of her financial acumen, she anticipates financial problems often before they occur.  She has helped the department get the most from its scarce resources and her approach has helped the department achieve its large financial surplus in recent years”, Mike Boblitz, Chief Operating Officer, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • “She is, without a doubt, THE go-to person in this department for EVERY issue.  This means that she is pulled in every direction possible, from the minute she steps through the door in the morning until she leaves in the evenings, not to mention the constant emails which flow in at all hours.  Regardless of this, she is never too busy to listen or help with whatever I am involved in….her door is always open and she will always give an honest, straightforward answer to the issues at hand,” Laura Simmons, Research Administrator.


Many thanks to Mary-Leigh for her exceptional work ethic and value to our organization!