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Employee of the Month Archive

2011 EOTM Recipients

December Ornuma Wawsri Department of Medical Education
November Danielle Richardson Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging
October Keena Thomas Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology
August Barbara White Department of Neurology
July Tony Herring Department of Surgery
June Lea Becker Department of Medicine
May Carol Yowell Department of Molecular Physics and Biological Physics
April Mary Jean Thiele Department of Neurology:Residency Program
March Eva Casola Department of Medical Education
February Linda Bailes Department of Medicine
January Debbie Boggs Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

2010 EOTM Recipients

December Lisa Mackey Department of Medicine: Hematology and Oncology
November Diane Payne Department of Medicine: Neurology
October Elaine Day Department of Medicine: Infectious Diseases
September Robin Clatterbuck Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
August Amy Harris Department of Medicine
July Brenda Loving Department of Medicine
June Joshua Rady Department of Pathology
May Brenda Martin Cancer Center
April Margaret Dodd Department of Urology
February Nancy Rush Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
January Tina Pendleton-Fuller Department of Radiology

2009 EOTM Recipients

September Tammy Lull Obstetrics & Gynecology
June Christopher West Otolaryngology & Neurology
May Tracy Mourton Neuroscience
April David Sun Center for Research in Reproduction
March Melinda Mason Neurosurgery
February Barbara Madison Radiology
January Sandy Weirich Microbiology

2008 EOTM Recipients

December Tomoko Yoshino Psychiatry & NB Sciences
November Della Winstead Surgery
October Sefa Nkrumah Microbiology
September Ethel Palmer Radiology
August Susan Houchens Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology
July Heather Bower Medicine
June Joy Boissevain Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
May Laura Covert Psychiatry & NB Sciences
April Mary Hall Cell Biology
March Sandra Burks Surgery
February Debra Reed Pathology
January Terri Washington Medicine

2007 EOTM Recipients

December Linda Viar Surgery
November Elaine Day Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
October Lisa Franco Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences
September Jessica Zareno Cell Biology
August David Stewart Neurology/Dean's Office
July Emily Hopkins Medicine, Division of General Medicine
June Michael Kidd Molecular Medicine
May Callen Molenda Neurology
April Sharon Fox Cancer Center
March Gary Mawyer Urology
February Dee Ann Neitz Otolaryngology
January Diane Washington Radiology

2006 EOTM Recipients

December Terri Ellison Medicine, Cardiovascular Division
November Cynthia Smith Medicine, Division of General Medicine
October Jean Snoddy Accounting, Budget, & Compensation
September Ruby Kennedy Otolaryngology
August Donna Mason Medicine, Cardiovascular Division
July Rose Powell Neurology
June Mary White Pathology
May Dawn Johnson Medicine, Cardiovascular Division
April Stephanie Bingler Medicine
March Lucy Anderson Microbiology
February Susan Dietrich Neurology
January Emily Gray Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

2005 EOTM Recipients

December Tammy Snow Pharmacology
November Ron Hoadley Dean's Office
October Janet Small Admissions
September Craig Rumpel Pathology
August Jennifer Oliver Medicine
July Patricia Fitch Neurology
June Gloria Carter Urology
May Howard Phipps Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics
April Joyce Henderson Radiology
March Helen Norfleet-Shiflett Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
February Pamela Musser Urology
January Deborah Boggs Psychiatric Medicine

2004 EOTM Recipients

December Julie Baird Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine
November Lois Rowsey Cell Biology
October Elizabeth Britt Graduate Programs Office
September Bruce Shifflett Dean's Office, Accounting
August Julie Shumaker Cell Biology
July Mary-Leigh Thacker Orthopaedics
June Kristina Sheldon Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
May Diana Houchens Surgery
April Sue Vaswani Pathology
March Margaret Dodd Urology
February Clifford Martin Microbiology
January Teresa Woodson Psychiatric Medicine

2003 EOTM Recipients

December Gene McClurken Pathology
November Rita Lackey, RN Psychiatric Medicine
October Debra Shenker Neurology
September Sarah Creef Dean's Office, Grants & Contracts
August Cassie Bourne Internal Medicine, Cardiology
July Carolyn Morris Neurology
June Marie Taskey Family Medicine
May Shirley Knox Dean's Office, Budget & Compensation
April Sandra Saxe Cardiovascular Research Center
March Nicole Vaughan Radiology
February Gloria Weeks Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
January Elaine Woodson Urology

2002 EOTM Recipients

December Virginia McCowan Microbiology
November Paula Keeney Neurology