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Employees of the Month 2012

Join Dean DeKosky in congratulating the School of Medicine employee award winners. Congratulations!

Emily Gray, Grants & Contracts, December 2012

Emily Gray, EOM, December 2012As Senior Grants & Contracts Administrator for the Department of Neurology, Emily Gray was acknowledged by Dr. Karen Johnston and Professor Jaideep Kapur (Neurology), among others, for her outstanding work related to the SHINE trial, one of the largest NIH-funded clinical trials that UVA has coordinated.

Her work benefits the entire Department and has enhanced its recognition on the national stage with such large multi-site grants managed expertly.

Her supervisor, Joe Cardella, Director of Finance and Administration, Urology, stated that Emily did all of this will skill and grace “while expanding the grants team’s responsibility to take on Otolaryngology as well, improving cost containment and accuracy.”

Sue Marshburn, Pathology, November 2012

Sue Marshburn, Administrative Assistant for the Department of Pathology, was recognized by her colleagues for her ability to smoothly and expertly handle the day-to-day tasks as well as numerous other assignments.

Dr. James Patterson, Professor, Surgical Pathology, indicated that September was a difficult month in Surgical Pathology due to a shortage of transcriptionists.  He said, “Sue willingly (and cheerfully) pitched in and provided important transcription services during this time, despite having an otherwise full workload and duties as a program Coordinator for the Dermatopathology Fellowship.”  Her efforts were “not confined to one incident, but reflective of her long-term dedication to the Department of Pathology.”

There were many supportive comments for Sue’s nomination, and Medical Center Resident, Steve Cook, summed them up:  “Sue is key to patient care because she deals with a lot of patient pathology cases both coming in and going out of UVA.  These are usually diagnostically difficult cases and quick turn-around time on results is crucial for the referring pathologist and treating physician to get the patient appropriate treatment in a timely manner.  She facilitates this quick turnaround time.”

Rita Powell, Radiology, October 2012

Rita Powell, EOM, October, 2012Rita Powell, Senior Fiscal Technician, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging, was credited by her colleagues for her diligence, attention to detail, remarkable work ethic, and outstanding customer service.

Specifically, James Carnes, Departmental Chief Operating Officer, Radiology, says, “Rita’s diligence is also one of the chief reasons that the Department of Radiology & Medical Imaging received a 100% clear and clean result from a thorough departmental audit that was undertaken by UVCA Audit — a stellar accomplishment.”

Liz Molina, Director of Finance and Cassie Bourne, Sr. Fiscal Analyst, Radiology, in a collaborative nomination, said, “There is not one specific event or action that prompted this nomination. Rather, it is the ongoing and consistent support and dedication that Rita has given to her department, school, and university, throughout the 14 years that she has worked in the Health System.” Mark Golub, MD, Assistant Professor, Radiology, says, “Rita has been a dream … she always offers to reach beyond expectation to assist in any way possible to make things easier and seamless for all of us.”

Amanda Harris, Otolaryngology, September 2012

Amanda Harris, EOM, September, 2012Amanda Harris, serving as Business Manager for the Department of Otolaryngology, was nominated for preparing the department for its upcoming site visit in addition to her regular responsibilities.

Brad Kesser, MD, Associate Professor, says, “Unless you have been through the process of a site visit, you cannot imagine how much work, organization, time, and energy goes into preparation of the Program Information Form and the visit itself — Amanda has been a model of efficiency and organization.” He added that her facilitation in planning for the site visit gave her colleagues complete confidence that the visit would run smoothly.

Paul Levine, MD, Professor and Chair of Otolaryngology, offered that Amanda “truly stepped up to be an administrative leader.” And Joe Cardella, Director of Finance and Administration, Department of Urology, says that Amanda “exceeded in every way the type of support I thought I would be receiving, particularly her efforts on the Otolaryngology residency review and promotion and tenure for Neurology and Otolaryngology.”

Brenda Loving, Financial Analyst, Neurology, August

Brenda Loving SOM EOM, August 2012Brenda, Financial Analyst in the Department of Neurology, has been nominated for being an integral member of the team in maintaining a high level of effectiveness since personnel departures increased her responsibilities in the financial area. “She has expanded her role to include the faculty remuneration plan process and has done a very good job,” cites Joseph Cardella, Director of Finance and Administration, Urology.

Emily Gray, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator, Neurology, and Brenda’s supervisor, indicated that “Brenda has worked tirelessly over the last several months to juggle her own workload, in addition to taking on new duties, and training new employees. Brenda’s reporting and accounting skills, attention to detail, and willingness to roll up her sleeves and ‘dig into the data’ have been essential in this endeavor.”

Myla Goldman, Assistant Professor, Neurology, offered that “Brenda has been very helpful in support of my clinical research efforts. She has worked to improve the purchasing and processing of payments for my patients.”

Russell "Rusty" Beal, Finance, July

Rusty Beal SOM EOM, July 2012As an Accountant in the Dean’s Office, Finance, one of the many instances in which Rusty went above and beyond was in identifying the source of monies earned in the Department of Dentistry, and then arranging for those monies to be transferred into the proper account. Much of the “found” money was prior to the use of Oracle, so Rusty examined years of microfiche records to verify the source of the money and cleared a deficit of $14,000 in Dentistry’s gift account, which left a surplus of over $26,000 in its operating account.

Ray Selig, Administrator, Department of Dentistry, stated, “I had scheduled a day to examine those records…only to be told that Rusty had already determined that the monies were revenue. Apparently Rusty had stayed late and had done my job!” He offered that “Rusty’s humble service is a rarity.”

Stephanie Bingler, Pediatrics Department Administrator, said, Rusty “is always thorough in his analysis [and] offers explanations to help understand…. He does not look for praise or fanfare. He feels he is doing his job, but he is providing much more.”

Ray Nedzel, Webmaster, School of Medicine, June

Ray Nedzel SOM EOMNominations from the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging applauded Webmaster Ray Nedzel’s efforts in creating a new website which more fully meets the needs of their various audiences.

David Farr indicated that Ray’s “vision of a multi-phase approach to the project development was critical to the timely launching and future management of the site,” and that Ray’s “technical expertise and design experience were essential to the success of the project.”

Ray’s work has resulted in a “flagship site for the School of Medicine … an accurate and authoritative source for contact, location, and service descriptions,” stated Philip Cohen, Graphic Designer and Media Specialist.

Ray’s unwavering commitment to this ongoing project is highly regarded.

Basia Nowakowski, Residency Coordinator, Radiology, May

Basia Nowakowski SOM EOMAs the Residency Coordinator for the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging, nominators praised Basia for stepping up and filling in for two of the department’s key vacancies, while managing her regular responsibilities.

Co-worker Terry Johnson stated that “with Basia as our representative, we have remained a professional and organized institution in a period that could have easily shown weaknesses and vulnerability.”

Tina Pendleton-Fuller, Associate Administrator, singled Basia out for “working tirelessly in coordinating work schedules, resident lectures, visiting professors, and recruitment, as well as being a resident advocate.”

Basia also deserves much credit for the smooth transition in monitoring duty-hour maximums for the residents. Dr. Spencer Gay, Professor of Radiology and Residency Program Director, indicated that “the residency program nearly ‘runs itself’ when she is in charge.”

Amy Fansler, Project Director, SHINE Trial, Neurology, April

Amy Fansler, EMO, April, 2012Amy was nominated for her diligence and commitment in her role in making the NIH-funded national SHINE stroke trial a resounding success. With the loss of three major team members she also took on their responsibilities and worked tirelessly with thoughtfulness, professionalism and energy despite the enormity of the project.

Dr. Karen Johnston stated that “the success of the SHINE trial startup has largely been due to the commitment and hard work of Ms. Fansler. She has successfully launched the project and managed the outreach to nearly 60 sites around the country…. Her role in this project on a national stage is highlighting the world-class programs and committed staff of UVA.”

Dr. Andrew Southerland stated that “while clinical research is initiated by principal investigators and funding organizations, it is driven by the daily efforts of champions like Amy. Amy is easily the diligent, thorough, and attentive research coordinator that I have encountered during my time in academic medicine.”

Melissa Gonzalez, Administrator-Mellon Institute, Urology, March

Melissa Gonzales, EOM, March 2012Melissa is a recipient of the Employee of the Month Award due to her contributions to the residency program and faculty newsletter.  Her work has increased alumni attendance at the national annual meeting after taking on the role of updating 20 years of alumni “records in shambles”.

Dr. William Steers, Paul Mellon Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology remarked, although not involved in patient care, Melissa’s “administrative help with our academic and teaching missions allows my faculty and staff to devote diminishing time to these endeavors so they can spend more time to care for patients.”

Melissa’s persistence and dedication was also pointed out by Assistant Professor Tracey Krupski, Department of Urology, who indicated that “The expansion of her duties is a testament of our trust in her. After having scant alumni attendance to our annual visiting professorship entitled the VEST in 2009, under her guidance we had 30 alumni join us in 2010 and then 20 in 2011."

Matt Dickerson, Medical Education Equipment and Computer Support Manage, February

Matt Dickerson, EOM, Feb 2012Matt was chosen for the Employee of the Month Award for a pattern of consistent outstanding customer service, his eagerness in handling technology issues, his determination in solving problems, as well as his professional manner. His nominators related that he continuously expands his knowledge base and they would be lost without him.

Ann Chapin, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Med Ed Support, wrote “As a technology expert on call to fix the myriad of technological glitches in what has been reported as the nation’s most technologically advanced medical school, some of Matt’s work is done under time pressure with the scrutiny of a dean, faculty or staff member experiencing stress at his elbow and an often bemused audience in attendance. He does this seemingly heroic work efficiently and graciously allowing the work of educating students or faculty to proceed as planned.”

Darci Lieb, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Med Ed Support, stated “Everyone on my staff and in Medical Education benefits from Matt’s skills, level of knowledge, and experience working with both PC and Mac platforms. We would not be able to perform our daily duties related to technology without his support.”

David Stewart, Information Technology Specialist, Neurology, January

David coordinated a national start-up meeting for the multi-center clinical SHINE trial. This $25 million NIH grant brought significant attention to the Department of Neurology and the University. David uniquely configured 120 laptop computers for 60 participating hospitals.

The SHINE Project Director, Amy Fansler, MPH, CCRC, stated “In this project, David not only demonstrated his command of the technical aspects of his role but also his ability to work seamlessly with multiple external data management and programming groups. Collaboration is at the core of our large research project, and David embraced and managed the complex relationships exceedingly well.”

“What impresses me the most about David is his ability to take ownership of a project and handle it from start to finish. He has greatly improved faculty satisfaction in the areas he works.” Joe Cardella, Director of Finance and Administration, Urology.