Administrator of the Year: 2012

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Administrator of the Year: 2012

2012 School of Medicine Administrator of the Year

Tina Pendelton Fuller - Admin of the Year 2012

Tina Pendleton-Fuller

Tina Fuller-Pendleton has been selected as the 2012 Administrator of the Year.  Tina currently serves as the Associate Administrator for the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging.

Tina has been lauded as having a consistently strong ethic as a manager, showing her team that she will not ask them to do what she won’t do herself.   Tina’s remarkable work ethic, diligence, and her positive attitude contribute to a constructive work environment in the Department and in the School of Medicine.

Tina’s contributions have spanned the entire Department and she has played an instrumental role in human resources, the reorganization of the educational administrative team,  and the Department receiving an unconditional five-year renewal with no citations as a result of the ACSME audit.  These are just examples of the remarkable number of projects that she has been involved in or led, and her commitment to excellence is her hallmark.

Dr. Masumoto, Chair and Theodore E. Keats Professor of Radiology, states that Tina is an “exemplary and very valued employee and administrator, always striving to support the missions, goals, and ideals of the department and the institution.”