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Survey Results

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Thanks to all those who participated in the 2014 Health System-wide employee engagement survey. Gallup, our partner in this initiative, conducted the survey, analyzed the data, and returned to U.Va. on August 5-6 to brief 100+ leaders on the results. Gallup informs us that our scores are reflective of an organization - and an industry - that is undergoing great change. How we respond to that change, embrace these opportunities to improve and build on our strengths, will determine our success. In this, each of us has a role.

You can review the 2014 results here.

We take these results seriously and are committed to following the recommendations that Gallup has developed. Our efforts moving forward won't be about our scores, but about our shared commitment to cultivating engagement as a part of what we do and how we interact every day.

Open forums will be held in September and October 2014 to share the 2014 Employee Engagement Results.

Scorecard Reports

All supervisors whose teams have at least five completed surveys will receive a scorecard report, which will provide a summary for their workgroup and division or department if applicable. The scorecard report will identify strengths and areas for improvement (see Employee Input below). Teams can then work together to create meaningful and actionable impact plans to build on strengths and address weaknesses.

Note: Survey results are reported in the aggreagate as individual responses are merged with those of department-level colleagues. To ensure anonymity, results will not be reported for groups with fewer than five respondents.

Workgroup Conversations

Employee Input

Faculty and staff input will be the basis for the actions work units pursue together. The supervisor’s role is to facilitate open discussion among the team members about the results and to identify specific actions for improvement.

Workteam conversations and the impact plans and actions that grow out of them are the most important work we will do to ensure we foster a positive U.Va. work experience.

The impact plans will be designed to address areas that need attention and advance organizational goals. Sharing your ideas is a vital part of making real change happen. Your responses will be used to accelerate change that you have identified as important to the Health System overall and within your local work unit. Together we can create a stronger, more engaging workplace.