Tracking Accomplishments: School of Medicine

The time is rapidly approaching when the whole of the Health System will deploy the annual employee engagement survey. However, before we put pen to paper and grade ourselves, let's look back to see what we did to make the School of Medicine and Health System a better place for you and your colleagues.

At the School-level, Dean Dunlap focused her efforts on:

  • Improving communication;
  • Being accesible and visible to SOM employees; and
  • Improving morale and support for employees, faculty and staff

To ensure improvements in these areas, Dean Dunlap:

  • Initiated a School-wide Academic Strategic Planning process to clarify our direction, help us set achievable and measurable goals, and create a better balance for our research and education missions. The ASP is comprised of:
    • Mission Teams: Academic Clinical Practice, Education, and Research
    • Tactical Work Groups: academic efficiency, communications/leadership, community, faculty development, IT, legislative/government relations, partnerships, philanthropy, and reputation
  • Created weekly messages to the entire School of Medicine (posted and archived on
  • Implemented townhall-style meetings
  • Added a third State of the School meeting to the cycle
  • Disseminated key messages from the Chairs' meetings to Basic Science and Clinical faculty
  • Extended invitations to Uteam meetings
  • Attended numerous departmental staff and administrators meetings

In addition, as part of our Strategic Planning, Dean Dunlap has asked, "What can you stop doing?" with the belief that the elimination of non-value-added work is one way that we can increase morale.
Most importantly, Dean Dunlap is empowering everyone at the School of Medicine: If you see something, fix it. Don't wait. Act now.

Tracking Accomplishments: Departments & Teams

Details coming soon...