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Resources for Financial & Career Management

Financial, Career, & Benefits Information

National Sites for Financial Planning & Cost of Living
Dual Careers: Spousal/Partner Employment Assistance
Parking at the University of Virginia
Real Estate & Housing Resources
Retirement: Planning & Enjoyment
Other Service Providers & Resources

Financial, Career, & Benefits Information

Benefits Summary for UVa Faculty (UVa Human Resources Site): This is the Primary Benefits Resource for SOM Basic Science Faculty. This is an extensive site with information on the following major topics: Health Insurance, Retirement Programs, Pre-Retirement Guide, Life Insurance, Group Accident Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Flexible Reimbursement Accounts, Tax-Deferred Savings Program, Matching Contribution Retirement Plan, Miscellaneous Benefits, Termination Information, and Privary Notice. For additional information contact the Benefits Office at (434) 924-4392; email


Benefits Summary for Clinical Faculty (Health Service Foundation Site): This is the Primary Benefits Resource for SOM Clinical Faculty. Use this link to access the HSF utilities area of their web site, which allows access to Payslips and extensive Benefits Information. HSF will act as liaison as needed to University Human Resources in order to investigate questions or provide guidance regarding the full benefits system. HSF also creates a full annual Compensation Statement for each clinical faculty member, which includes a section entitled Missed Opportunities to point out areas where other financial benefit opportunities are available, as well as a detailed account of all Retirement Balances. Contact HSF for further information at (434) 972-4288 or (434) 980-6181. HSF recommends that faculty take their earning information to a personal Financial Advisor to assist in financial planning decisions.

Promotion & Tenure Policies of the School of Medicine: This area of the SOM Faculty Development Web-site provides many P&T resources, including Descriptions of Faculty Tracks, Promotion & Tenure Policy (pdf), Suggested Format for CV (doc) and for the Teaching Portfolio (doc), A Full Introductory Presentation Regarding Promotion & Tenure at the University (powerpoint), and the P&T Timeline.

Annual Review Process: Faculty should meet with their Department Chair each academic year, between May and June, to discuss outcomes of the current year's performance and to develop strategic career management plans for the coming year(s). The Promotion & Tenure process is initiated through this Annual Review process. Members of the P&T Committee are available for further consultation and clarification of options and procedures. The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Development also offers regular seminars to aid in preparation for Promotion & Tenure, through the Faculty Leadership Program.

School of Medicine Office of Accounting, Budget & Compensation (Plans & Policies Page/Intranet): This is a central resource hub including access to the following topics: Clinical Faculty Remuneration Plan, Basic Science Incentive Plan, Clinical Staff Credentialing and Privileging, Faculty Appointment, and Faculty Salary Policy. It is also possible from this page to access the AAMC Report on Medical School Faculty Salaries. At this time, the report is divided into Basic Science and Clinical areas, and the 60th percentile for each discipline is shown therein. For more detailed information for your department, contact your Department Administrator to access the full AAMC Report for your discipline.

UVa Faculty Salaries (A Cavalier Daily Site): This site maintains records of all faculty salaries within the University of Virginia system, organized by year with additional search tools by last name and by department. A new integrated web site is currently in development. 2008 is the only year for which data is available at this time.

UVa Faculty Leave Policies: Maintained by the UVa Vice President & Provost's Office, this page provides full policy on Leaves of Absence for faculty, including Leave for Educational Purposes, Leave for Personal Reasons, Annual Leave, and Temporary Disability Leave.

Physician Compensation and Production Survey: 2004;
MGMA's Income Distribution - Academic Practice:
Two on-line resources of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Gender Equity Studies: This site is maintained by the Committee on Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE), and contains gender equity & climate reports, sorted by state and by institution. From this site it is possible to access the landmark Report on Gender Equity at the University of Virginia, 1999.

European Commission for Women in Science National Reports: This site contains an index by country with current reports on the status of women in the sciences.

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National Resources for Financial Planning & Cost of Living

The Motley Fool: This site offers a variety of financial reports, daily headlines, retirement and investment recommendations, and resources. Portions of the site are open in free access to the public and other aspects require a subscription service. Free trials are often available for subscriptions. This is a good on-line resource for those starting to learn more about financial planning or to stay abreast of the latest trends and advice. As Fortune Magazine described the Motley Fool, "You can find vast amounts of information and help here - all written in plain English instead of Wall Street jargon."


CNN's This is an extensive web resource for news, advice, calculators, and information on all topics financial. Major headings include: News, Markets, Economy, Jobs & Technology, Personal Finance, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Small Business, and Lists. Extremely useful tools include: Cost of Living Comparison (especially helpful for families new to our area), Home Affordability Calculator (to estimate feasible mortgage rates based on your own personal financial profile), and Money 101 Glossary (a straight-forward definition of terms from the financial realm).

Virginia Workforce Connection (a VA Employment Commision site): Geared towards job seekers or new members of the community, with additonal portals for employers or researchers and analysts. A very helpful resource for those conducting spousal/partner employment research. Another useful tool here is the Community Profiles area, which allows the site visitor to specify a county or city in Virginia and bring up a full report in pdf format, on many aspects of that community, including things like cost of living, demographics, fifty largest employers, employment growth areas, and much more. The report updates automatically from within their database, so you can be assured of the most current news and information possible.

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Dual Careers: Spousal & Partner Employment Assistance


Word of Mouth tip: Include the Virginia Electronic Labor Market Access listing, above, when you are doing employment and/or community research. New faculty should also check within their department for additional recommendations and resources available.

UVa Office of Spousal and Partner Employment Assistance (OSPEA): The OSPEA is a part of the Faculty and Staff Career Services programs of University Human Resources. OSPEA specialist Donna Kaufman is available to faculty &/or their spouse or partner, for individual consultation on jobs both within and beyond the university. Contact Donna Kaufman directly at (434) 924-4717 to schedule an appointment or to seek further information.
Read the Inside UVA news article of November 12, 2008: "University Conference Turns Focus Toward Dual-Career Couples."

Faculty & Employee Assistance Program (FEAP)/Relocation Services: The FEAP provides assistance for employees and for their families.The Relocation Services portion of their program falls under the umbrella of their Work/Life Program, and focuses on providing assistance to new faculty and their family during their transition to Charlottesville. Services include distributing Childcare/School packets, providing information on the community and University services, offering counseling to support families in transition, and making referrals to real estate companies which provide relocation services. Call (434) 243-2643 for further information.

Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement/Resources for Faculty: This page of the VPFA site offers a number of links to employment opportunities in the Charlottesville area for spouses and partners of faculty, including Employment Agencies and a listing of Other Area Colleges and Universities.

Dual Career Academic Couples Study at Stanford University: The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford is launching a multi-year study of dual career academic couples in 2006. The study will focus in particular on the current trends for women in academe and suggestions for restructuring higher education to better support dual career couples.

Virginia Jobs/Career Development Web Site: This site offers career planning and development tools as well as access to job opportunities across Virginia.

Monticello Avenue/Employment Area: This area of the local resources web site includes extensive links in the following categories: Employment Opportunities (broken down by links to individual organizations and business in the community) and Career Resources. This site is maintained by the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

Home Sweet C'ville/Finding a Job Area (Virginia Law School site): This is an outstanding resource on a multitude of topic areas. Linked here is the Major Local Employers page, which provides links to the hiring areas of the respective organizations. There is also a highly useful right-column Tips area on the page, highlighting the very challenging quirks inherent in the UVa Human Resources hiring process. Be sure to read this fully before having a spouse or partner fill out a state application. Other pages in this site area include Resources and Employment/Temp Agencies.

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Parking at the University of Virginia

Word of Mouth tip regarding parking at UVA: Parking is always an issue at an ever-growing university. For those of us working within the Medical Center and/or McKim Hall, options are limited. Priority is given throughout the Health System to those providing direct patient care. Faculty are also given parking, arranged through their department during the search and hiring process. Faculty with additional questions about parking should check with their department administrator and/or search committee first. For anyone left out of these two groups, Health System parking is handled through a separate office from that for main grounds (UVa Parking & Transportation Office). HS Parking is currently in development of web resources for policy and contact information. Please stay tuned here for that link as soon as their site completes development. In the meanwhile, parking inquiries should be directed to Ruby Curnish at (434) 924-5147.


For those who are curious about what parking is like for those affiiliated with main grounds of UVA, visit the UVA Parking & Transportation Department web site.

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Real Estate & Housing Resources


Word of Mouth tips on realtors: In general, realtors fall into one of two categories: those who only want to make a sale, and those who focus on building a healthy long-term relationship with you and place priority on your satisfaction. Beware of the first type.

Always check with recommendations and resources within your department for locating a good realtor, and remember to trust your insticts when meeting the individual and getting a sense of their priorities.

Faculty Employee Assistance Program/Relocation Services: The FEAP offers referrals to real estate companies providing relocation services, as well as counseling services to families in transition. For further information, call (434) 243-2643.

Faculty & Staff Housing (UVa Housing Division): Available for non-tenured faculty, research associates, research assistants, post-doctoral candidates, visiting faculty, and full-time classified staff. Their web site, linked here, provides a wonderful way to browse the various houses and apartments available (a total of 67 residences), and includes a chart of amenities alongside the rental price for each property. There are also Short-Term Housing accomodations for visiting faculty or guests of UVa, all with convenient locations to the various schools of UVa. Department administrators may contact Family & Faculty Housing to make reservations in advance. Short-term housing may also be utilized by new faculty who arrive in Charlottesville before their family makes the transition.
Wait-list Tips: The waiting list for all Faculty & Staff Housing is updated every three months to assure accuracy. This list tends to fill up during April and May for housing coming available in August, so be sure to complete the application process as early as possible.
Medical School Faculty & Staff, please note: The Piedmont Apartments (Mimosa Drive), Ranch Houses, and Split-foyer Houses are all in walking distance of Fontaine Research Park and a short bus-ride or twenty-minute walk to the University Hospital area. Some furnished housing is also available in the Piedmont community.
For further information: contact Property Manager Patricia Toms (434.924.7030; or Family & Faculty/Staff Leasing Coordinator Jim Williams (434.924.7030;

Family Housing (UVa Housing Division): Family Housing currently offers 323 properties having 1,2 & 3 bedroom options as well as furnished or unfurnished accomodations. Housing is filled based on a priority ranking system: married students or single parents are Priority 1 and post-docs or research associates/assistants are Priority 2. Comprised of the communities of University Gardens (close to both central grounds and the North Grounds areas) and Copeley Hill (located near the Darden and Law Schools in North Grounds), an added bonus for residing families is the extremely warm and helpful FHA (Family Housing Association) which links members of the communities to one another, and also provides a monthly Newsletter of local events, tips, and resources. As with Faculty & Staff Housing, the waiting list for all Family Housing is updated every three months to assure accuracy, and the list tends to fill up during April and May for housing coming available in August, so be sure to complete the application process as early as possible. For further information: contact Property Manager Patricia Toms (434.924.7030; or Family & Faculty/Staff Leasing Coordinator Jim Williams (434.924.7030;

Monticello Avenue/Housing Area: This area of the local resources web site includes extensive links in the following categories: Real Estate Sales & Rental Companies, Builders & Home-Related Services, Housing Organizations, and Newcomers' Guides to the Charlottesville area. This site is maintained by the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

Home Sweet C'ville/Getting Settled Area (Virginia Law School site): Linked here is the Housing page of the Getting Settled Area. This area is geared more towards the needs of law students new to the area, but does include lists of helpful links. Other pages in this Getting Settled web area provide extremely valuable information in the following supplemental categories: Utilies (with links to all major utility, phone service, and trash providers); Automobiles (with links and information about Vehicle Tags, Plates, DMV, Registration, Insurance, Taxes, and University Auto Registration); Dogs (rules and regulations concerning dog ownership and registration) ; Media (links to local tv stations, cable providers, internet service, radio stations, and all local newspapers); and Banks.

Virginia Real Estate & Relocation Guide: This site is geared towards prospective homebuyers, and include a wide array of overview information about Virginia, as well as information specific to the Charlottesville area. Link from this site to a Money/Investing page for more information on these topics in Virginia. This resource site is a good place to begin an apartment hunt for those moving new to the area. It includes a listing of approximately twenty different apartment communities in the Charlottesville area, with details on the apartment units available and cost. Please use the FEAP (Faculty Employee Assistance Program) contact information from above if you would like to discuss your relocation needs and seek further advice. Use the tools on this site to investigate mortgage rates and to estimate the ideal range of cost for a new home based on your income and financial profile.

Word of Mouth tips on retirement: It is never too early to begin planning for your retirement. Careful decisions made early in your career can have extremely productive outcomes later in life.
1. Clinical Faculty may schedule individual consultations at HSF regarding compensation statements and all levels of financial planning (including retirement concerns). fin_planning1_web1.jpg
2. Basic Science Faculty may consult with the UVa Benefits Office for this same function.
3. Additionally, UVa has contracts with three Retirement Benefits Providers: Fidelity, TIAA-CREF, and Vanguard; representatives from these companies are available to UVa faculty and staff to provide individual benefit consultations.

4. We encourage you to involve your spouse, partner, or other family members in considering your options, as well as hiring a personal Financial Advisor to attend all meetings with benefits providers and assist in decision making.

Links follow below for all entities described here.

5. Also visit the National Resources for Financial Planning section of this web page when researching retirement and investment options.

Health Services Foundation: Available to clinical faculty for individual consultations regarding your compensation statements and all levels of financial planning, including retirement concerns.

UVa Benefits Office: Available to basic science faculty for individual consultations regarding all levels of financial planning, including retirement concerns. Clinical faculty also have full access to  services and consultations with the Benefits Office. A division of University Human Resources; phone: (434) 924-4392.


UVa Faculty Pre-Retirement Guide: This site includes the full procedure & time-line for retirement, plus information on taxation of retirement benefits, health insurance coverage, and a list of "perks" for retired faculty, including the UVa policy concerning Emeritus Faculty.

Retiree Health Benefits Program: a University Human resources site.

Fidelity: A UVa benefits provider.

TIAA-CREF: A UVa benefits provider.

Vanguard: A UVa benefits provider.

Other Service Providers & Resources
Paragon Life Insurance

AETNA Long-term Care

Southern Health: Health-Care Provider for UVa and HSF coverage.

UVa's Dental Administrator

Great West: 457 Plan Information

Virginia 529 College Savings Plan

Piedmont Liability Trust: Malpractice coverage provider.


Faculty Employee Assistance Program: The FEAP is an extensive support program at UVa, offering consultation services, seminars, counseling, and other referral services relating to personal or professional matters. When you are stumped for resoures outside of your office or department, relating to professional or personal matters, the FEAP is always a good place to begin your search. (434) 243-2643.

Home Sweet C'ville (Virginia Law School site): This is an outstanding resource with commentary, links, reviews, and ideas on the following topics: Family Time, C'ville Shopping (includes Retail and Grocers), Things to Do, Eats & Drinks, Getting Oriented, Getting Settled, Finding a Job, Health Resources, Community Service, and School Life.

Monticello Avenue: From this home page, link to extensive Charlottesville area resources in the following major categories: Arts, Business, Education, Employment, Government, Groups, Health, History, Housing, Library, Media, Tourism, and a full left-menu listing of Upcoming Events and Links to Local New Sources. This site is maintained by the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

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* Word of Mouth is a no-nonsense guide to resources in the Charlottesville area & beyond.
The School of Medicine and Office of Faculty Development do not endorse any single path to
meeting your personal & professional needs, but seek to provide candid and useful information for
beginning your search. We encourage your feedback via the email footer on this web page;
we reserve the right to edit or reject suggestions for new listings.