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Forms, Policies, Guidelines

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The following forms are included, with descriptions, in this section:

Candidate Waiver Form
Department P&T Recommendation form
External Referee Form
Faculty Performance Review Form (Annual Faculty Performance Review)
Faculty Promotion Request form
Faculty Advancement Confirmation form
Job Description Summary form
Request change of appointment track
Request off-the-clock status

Candidate Waiver Form

  • Due to a change in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (section 2.2-3705.4(2)), promotion materials are now exempt from FOIA disclosure.  Signing the Candidate Waiver is no longer requested of promotion and tenure candidates.

Department P&T Recommendation Form

  • The Department P&T Recommendation Form is completed by a Department's P&T Committee and submitted by the Department Chair to the Dean's Office as part of the regular, annual P&T process

External Referee Form

  • The External Referee Form is completed by a referee for a candidate in the Promotion and Tenure cycle.  The External Referee Form clarifies the relationship between the candidate and his/her work to the referee. 

Annual Faculty Performance Review Form

  • The Faculty Performance Review Form is completed by the chair and faculty member during annual performance review meeting.  The chair, in collaboration with division leadership as appropriate, must provide each faculty member (regardless of rank and tenure status) with a formal annual performance review.  The discussion and outcomes of the annual review should be documented, signed by the chair and faculty member, and a copy should be forwarded to SoM Human Resources.

Faculty Promotion Request Form

  • The Faculty Promotion Request Form is now the Faculty Advancement Confirmation form.  The FAC form is generated from the P&T Data Entry System when the department P&T contact first enters the candidate information into the system, early in the P&T process.
  • More information about this form and other aspects of the P&T process are available in the Instruction Manual for the P&T Data Entry System.


Faculty Advancement Confirmation Form

Job Description Summary form

The first item of the Candidate Information section, the Job Description Summary should be completed by the faculty member in conversation with their department chair or division chief, to ensure that the effort allocation accurately represents their current responsibilities.

Track Change Requests

Instructions for requesting change of appointment track

Submit both the Request to Change Appointment Track form and the appropriate approval letter together to Cathy Keefe-Jankowski

Request to Change Appointment Track form

Approval letters for change


Request Off-the-clock Status



School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure policy (pdf)

Criteria for letters of reference

Policy for the Appointment, Review, and Renewal of Endowed Professorships


Guidelines for department P&T committees

Guidelines for portfolio contents and assembly