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Forms, Policies, Guidelines

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The following forms are included, with descriptions, in this section:

Candidate Waiver Form
Department P&T Recommendation form
External Referee Form
Faculty Performance Review Form (Annual Faculty Performance Review)
Faculty Promotion Request form
Request change of appointment track
Request off-the-clock status

Candidate Waiver Form

  • The Candidate Waiver Form is submitted with the Promotion and Request Form which is generated from the Data Entry System for P&T.  This form is signed by the candidate and turned in by the deadline specified on the timeline.

Department P&T Recommendation Form

  • The Department P&T Recommendation Form is completed by a Department's P&T Committee and submitted by the Department Chair to the Dean's Office as part of the regular, annual P&T process

External Referee Form

  • The External Referee Form is completed by a referee for a candidate in the Promotion and Tenure cycle.  The External Referee Form clarifies the relationship between the candidate and his/her work to the referee. 

Annual Faculty Performance Review Form

  • The Faculty Performance Review Form is completed by the Chair and faculty member during annual performance review meeting (signed by chair and faculty member); retained in department files, not forwarded to Dean's Office.

Faculty Promotion Request Form

Track Change Requests

Instructions for requesting change of appointment track

Note: approval letters are submitted with request form

Request Off-the-clock Status



School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure policy (pdf)

Criteria for letters of reference


Outline of the Promotion and Tenure process

Changes for 2011-2012

Guidelines for department P&T committees

Guidelines for portfolio contents and assembly