Mentoring Program

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Mentoring Program

All junior faculty (at the level of Assistant Professor) are encouraged to select a mentor from among the many Associate and Full Professors within the School of Medicine.

Goals of the mentor-protegee relationship:  

  • Orienting new faculty
  • Facilitating introductions
  • Mentoring in research
  • Reviewing grants and manuscripts
  • Evaluating teaching
  • Supplementing annual career review
  • Preparing professional portfolio
  • Advocating within/beyond institution




These relationships will be tracked by the Dean's Office. We recognize that mentoring relationships will evolve over time, and may cross departmental boundaries. We encourage such an evolutionary process. Recognizing that faculty needs are so variable, we have deliberately not prescribed an agenda for faculty mentor-protege activities.

The University of Virginia Teaching Resource Center has collected valuable Resources on Mentorship, for mentors, mentees, and of general interest. Both UVa and national resources and publications are available through this site.