Faculty Development Advisory Committee

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Faculty Development Advisory Committee

The Faculty Development Advisory Committee, chaired by Associate Dean for Faculty Development Dr. Susan Pollart, meets quarterly in order to discuss and advise faculty development at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. This body is dedicated to the recruitment, development and retention of an outstanding faculty and to the implementation of the Decade Plan.

Committee Membership is as follows:

Susan M. Pollart, MD, Chair  

Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Professor of Family Medicine

Gretchen N. Arnold, MLS

Associate Dean & Director, Health Sciences Library

Jann T. Balmer, PhD 

Director of Continuing Medical Education 

Marva Barnett, PhD  Director of Teaching Resources Center  
Daniel M. Becker, MD  Professor of Medicine & Director for the Center for Humanism in Medicine 
Timothy P. Bender, PhD
Professor of Microbiology & Co-Chair, Academy of Distinguished Educators
Amy H. Bouton, PhD Associate Dean of Graduate and Medical Scientist Programs, Professor of Microbiology
Addeane Caelleigh, PhD 

Director of Special Projects, SOM 

R.J. Canterbury, MD  Senior Associate Dean for Education   
Marcia D. Childress, PhD  Assoiciate Professor of Medical Education   
Judy Damron Piedmont Liability Trust 
Gertrude J. Fraser, PhD 

Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement   

Margaret J.P. Harden  Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement 
E. Janie Heath, PhD, APRN-BC, FAAN Associate Dean for Academics and Professor, School of Nursing
Martha A. Hellems, MD  Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 
Sharon L. Hostler, MD Senior Associate Dean 
Donald J. Innes, MD 

Associate Dean of Curriculum and Professor of Pathology 

Susan E. Kirk, MD  Designated Institutional Official & Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Melanie A. McCollum, PhD  Associate Professor of Cell Biology   
Michael D. Moxley, MD
Associate Dean for Diversity
Richard D. Pearson, MD  Senior Associate Dean of Education   
Christine Peterson, MD  Assistant Dean of Medical Education  & Co-Chair, Academy of Distinguished Educators 
Karen S. Rheuban, MD 

Senior Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education & External Affairs 

Christine Rudge  Manager of Physician & Corporate Relations, UVA Physicians Group 
John B. Schorling, MD 

Director of Physician & Faculty Wellness, Professor of Medicine

Nina J. Solenski, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology
Jonathon D. Truwit, MD  Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs   
Linda Waggoner-Fountain, MD 

Director of Pediatric Residency Program & Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 

Rebecca W. West
Chief Executive Officer, Piedmont Liability and Trust
Casey B. White, PhD Associate Dean for Medical Education Research and Instruction
Brenda Wilson, MSW, LCSW, CEAP Director of the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program