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Physician Wellness


Without health there is no happiness. An attention to health, then, should take the place of every other object” (Thomas Jefferson) "Medicine is as close to love as it is to science." (Rachel Remen)

The University of Virginia School of Medicine has a deep and abiding interest in Physician Wellness. This web page is designed to provide a brief introduction to the offices and programs which support this commitment.

Here you will find Wellness Seminars and Opportunities provided through the Office of Faculty Development (SOM), the UVA Mindfulness Center, the Center for Humanism in Medicine, the Faculty Employee Assistance Program, Additional UVA Resources addressed through the SOM Resources site Word of Mouth, and Human Resource Policies of the UVA Medical Center.

Seminars and Opportunities

handshakes_tallW.jpgSchool of Medicine Office of Faculty Development: The SOM Office of Faculty Development works on multiple levels to address the issues of balance and physician wellness. New faculty may access ideas and resources through our Orientation Process, from our web area Word of Mouth: Resources for Successful Balance of Work, Life, & Family, and through our New Faculty web area. Further, all faculty of the School of Medcicine have access to recurring seminars on such topics as:

  • Mindfulness in Medicine
  • Juggling: Balance Versus Burn Out
  • Calm in the Midst of Chaos
  • Transitions & Changes
  • Humanism in Medicine
  • Reflective Writing.

These seminars are all managed as part of a yearly academic calendar of faculty development offerings known collectively as the Faculty Leadership Programs (FLP).
Registration for all FLP offerings is handled by Elizabeth Graham at (434) 924-8497. The FLP web area, linked above, and the annual calendar of events provide detailed information about dates, presenters, subject matter, CME credit, and other logistical details. Feedback on our programs is highly encouraged.

In addition, the leadership within the Faculty Development Office is available for individual consultation regarding issues of concern to any faculty member:
Dr. Sharon Hostler, Senior Associate Dean;
(434) 924-8178 or 982-3353
Dr. Susan Pollart, Associate Dean of Faculty Development;
(434) 982-1754.
Dr. John Schorling, Director of Physician's Wellness Programs;
(434) 982-3458 or 924-1931

UVA School of Nursing offers free yoga and meditation classes that are open to anyone in the health system. Space is limited, so check here for dates and details on the Free Yoga Class or the Learn to Meditate Class.

UVA Mindfulness Center


UVA Mindfulness Center: The University of Virginia's Mindfulness Center promotes the incorporation of mindfulness into the medical community, as well as into the lives of individuals throughout the region by offering classes, training, and instruction in mindfulness to University of Virginia health care professionals and to the regional community served by the Medical Center. Offerings include Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR; an 8-week course), Interpersonal Mindfulness Training, Individual Consultations for Stress-Related Symptoms, T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga. Full program information is available through the web site. For registration, call Allie Rudolph at the Department of Family Medicine, (434) 924-1622 or 924-1190, or utilize the on-line registration.

UVA Center for Humanism in Medicine


UVA Center for Humanism in Medicine (CHM): The CHM fosters and sustains the humanistic impulses that draw students, residents and faculty to medicine and enrich its practice. The three-fold mission of the CHM is to demonstrate and investigate new ways of teaching the human, social, and cultural dimensions of illness, health and health care; to provide programs leading to professional development and personal renewal; and to make the humanities and arts a significant presence within the academic medical community.
Programs of the CHM include: the weekly Medical Center Hour lecture series, curricular electives in the field of

Humanities in Medicine for fourth-year medical students, and collaborative development and implementation of the Spirituality and Medicine

curriculum project. In addition, the CHM provides faculty, staff, and student access to

The CHM Library, housing a collection of more than 2,000 books, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, psychology, and more, with a particular emphasis on physicians who are writers. The CHM Library is located on the Fifth Floor of the Barringer Wing, and further information is available by calling (434) 924-2094.

Faculty Employee Assistance Program & Additional UVA Resources


Faculty Employee Assistance Program (FEAP): The FEAP is an extensive support program available to all faculty and staff, offering consultation services, seminars, coaching, counseling, and other referral services relating to personal and professional matters. Full details are given on the FEAP web site, linked here, or call (434) 243-2643 to schedule an appointment. The FEAP offers support services for new faculty, including resources and assistance for families relocating to the Cville area; they also offer extensive Eldercare services; and they have a variety of workshops throughout the year dedicated to Work Life Balance.

Word of Mouth: Resources for Successful Balance of Work, Life, & Family: The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Development offers this full resources web site, which highlights useful resources for both the professional and the personal sphere. Of particular relevance to the topic of Physician Wellness is area of this site dedicated to:

Work-Life Balance, which provides an overview of services, seminars, libraries, and other resources around grounds as well as national print and web resources on this topic. Visit this link of the Work-Life Balance area of the site to read about all offices and services across the University of Virginia which offer personal/professional development seminars or consultation services for faculty and staff.

National Opportunities and Resources

taos_writingcenterW.jpgAnnual Writing Retreat for Health Professionals Held at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan House, just a short walk from the Taos plaza. Pursue your writing in an environment that provides maximum space for personal exploration and growth. Bring along work-in-progress (scholarly, professional, and/or creative). Experiment with new ways of writing, such as screenplays, novels, short stories, poems, personal accounts of difficult medical passages, ethical dilemmas, significant encounters with patients. Co-founding co-directors David Morris and Julie Reichert run a daily three-hour morning workshop, and participants have afternoons free for writing, relaxing, and one-on-one personal conferences with the directors. Cost: $1,995 per participant. Includes six nights lodging (attractive private room with bath), three meals per day, and materials. A spouse or adult companion is welcome to share the room, at an extra cost of $25/day for meals. (The morning workshop, however, is for participants only.) Space is limited to 15 participants. Reserve early. A non-refundable deposit of $750 will secure your registration. Late registration (after June 23) is $2,095.

Balance@UW: A central resource site of the University of Washington Provost's Office, containing links to policy, programs, and resources for wellness and family-friendly services at that institution.

HealthPlus, The Vanderbilt Faculty & Staff Wellness Program: This program is a national model and their web site provides many insights into and resources around the concepts of health, fitness, and wellness, and their intersection with academic work-life.

Human Resource Policies of the UVA Medical Center


Human Resource Policies of the UVA Medical Center: These policies are part of the larger Medical Center Manual of Policy, maintained by the UVA Health System. These policies govern the rights of employees and standards of behavior in the work environment (0020), process for dealing with physician impairment (0242), or for dealing with inappropriate or disruptive behavior (0262).