Membership in the ADE

Membership in the ADE


All School of Medicine faculty at the Assistant Professor level or higher are eligible for membership in the Academy, either through an application process or automatically as recipients of institutional teaching awards (these include the Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the David A. Harrison Distinguished Educator Award, the Master Educator Award, the Robert J. Kadner Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching, and the All-University Teaching Award.)

  • Membership Application Deadline for 2014: Friday, August 1, 2014, by 5:00 p.m.
  • The application consists of a Reflective Statement, a Teaching Portfolio, and two letters of support (see details below).
  • Only electronic applications will be accepted.  Completed applications (a single PDF) should be sent to:  Ashley Ayers (
  • For further information, contact the Membership Subcommittee Chair:  Marty Mayo (
  • Applications are solicited once a year.
  • New ADE members will be announced the week of September 15, 2014.

1. Reflective Statement:

This should be a short (one page) statement outlining your teaching philosophy/most significant contributions to teaching.

A useful example of the Reflective Statement is available on the web site of the Teaching Resource Center (TRC). View this essay by Craig Barton.


2. Teaching Portfolio:

Please use the Academy of Distinguished Educator’s Portfolio Template. Further guidelines and details are available on the ADE Teaching Portfolio page.

Membership requires demonstration of sustained excellence in areas of teaching, as outlined in Section II of the portfolio. Outcome measures should be submitted to support these areas of teaching with Section III (Appendix) of the portfolio.


3. Letters of Support (2):

Please submit two letters of support at least one of which must come from either the department chair or a supervising faculty member who is in a position to judge your teaching activity. Additional letters of support may be submitted in the Appendices.  Letters from learners/trainees are encouraged.

The entire packet should not exceed 50 pages, including approximately 10-20 pages for the Portfolio and the remainder supporting documentation (Appendices). No credit will be given for material in excess of this limit. Except in the case of exceptional prior accomplishments, the committee will focus on activities over the past 5 years or during your time at UVa (whichever is shorter). Those items discouraged from inclusion in the portfolio include PowerPoint slides, handouts, journal reprints, and copies of handwritten evaluations.